80% of pregnant moms have “headaches”? 5 tips to deal with it

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Headaches during pregnancy can be a real headache, especially in times of epidemic, when the symptoms can be very stressful. But headaches during pregnancy is a very common thing, 80% of pregnant mothers will be due to a variety of reasons and the phenomenon of headaches. Today, we will teach you 5 tricks to deal with the headache of pregnancy “headache”.

01Causes of headaches during pregnancy

Headaches can occur at any time during pregnancy, with early pregnancy being more common. Headaches in early pregnancy may be due to electrolyte disorders caused by pregnancy sickness. It is related to a series of changes that occur in the body during pregnancy, a large release of hormones in the body and an increase in blood volume, as well as stress and poor rest, and anemia, dehydration, and hypoglycemia. However, severe, persistent, unrelieved headaches may be a sign of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy and must be taken seriously.

02How to Avoid Headaches During Pregnancy

(i) Rule out pathological headaches

Go to the hospital, under the treatment of a regular doctor, to correct anemia, colds, high blood pressure caused by headaches and other diseases, and under the guidance of the doctor to use medication. People say that you should not take medicine during pregnancy, but if you are really sick, you should still go to the doctor and follow the doctor’s instructions. Nowadays, medicine is so advanced that there must be medicines that protect the mom and also don’t harm the baby, so that you don’t feel so bad.

(ii) Adopt good dietary and resting habits

During pregnancy, you should develop good dietary habits, do not consume too much food high in salt and sugar, and eat small meals to prevent hypoglycemia. Avoid drinking strong tea and coffee, rest on time, ensure enough sleep, keep your mind calm, avoid emotional excitement, and remember not to stay up late. Otherwise the baby is also easy to get into the habit, then it will be trouble. Choose the right pillow when sleeping.


(iii) Avoid fatigue

In many cases, if the pregnant mom is very tired, she will also experience headaches. In the early stage of pregnancy, make sure to get enough sleep and minimize tiring work, which can also reduce the possibility of headache during pregnancy, or you can take some health medicines under the guidance of the doctor to prevent headache during pregnancy.

03Tips for coping with headaches during pregnancy

(i) Ice compresses

If you are experiencing a tension headache, then either a cold or hot compress can be applied, placing a cold or hot towel on the forehead or the lower part of the skull. If you have a migraine, then a cold compress will be more effective.


(ii) Take a shower

If you suddenly feel a headache, you can take a shower to relieve it. If you are not in a position to take a shower, you can also wash your face with cold water.


(iii) Deep Breathing

Deep breathing can change our breathing rate and pattern. We can soothe a headache by stimulating our body’s parasympathetic nervous system with deep breathing and triggering a calming response, which lowers our heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension, taking our focus away from stress or pain as well.


(iv) Head Massage

l Using your fingertips, start at the outer corners of your eyes.

l Slowly work your way up and around the ears.

l Find the bone behind the ear and touch the edge of the bone behind the ear.

l Push down slowly until you reach the bottom of the occipital bone.

Repeat from the outer corner of the eye up to the temple.

Repeat again from the temple upwards.

l Push upward from the starting point to the top of the head as the starting point.

(v) Light weight training

As long as the doctor has not prohibited exercise, pregnant mothers are advised to do some lightweight exercises.

① Walking



④Simple Yoga


We hope that every pregnant mom, while harboring a beautiful vision for her unborn baby, will pay more attention to pregnancy-related maladies, and pay more attention to herself and love herself.

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