Spring more sweet and less acid to raise a good stomach~

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Spring food is numerous, which is definitely a blessing for “foodies”, but in this variety of food, your stomach still hold up?

Spring temperature changes, gastric acid secretion increases, easy to induce gastritis or gastritis recurrence. Moreover, the spring liver qi rise, liver qi too strong may make the stomach and intestines digestion and absorption function decline, caused by gastrointestinal weakness and so on. So the spring diet to do “acid does not hurt the stomach, heat does not hurt the yin”, this time and eat too much oil, easy to cause indigestion, abdominal pain and bloating.

01Dietary rules

1. Reduce the intake of sour foods and increase the intake of sweet foods. Sourness enters the liver and sweetness enters the spleen. Sweet foods like yam and red dates help nourish the stomach and benefit the qi, while sour foods like hawthorn and oranges can encourage the liver qi to rise and stimulate the gastric mucous membrane cells to secrete gastric acid, which will make the stomach feel acidic and uncomfortable.


2, pay attention to the main food. Diet is one of the basic conditions of human life activities. Chinese medicine believes that: “five grains for nourishment”, staple food are generally rich in carbohydrates, can be converted into heat faster by the body to utilize, the weak stomach and intestines have a very good maintenance effect.

3, more vegetables and less meat. Vegetables in addition to help digestion, but also rich in minerals and vitamins, but also has the role of timely and smooth intestinal tract. Animal food meat in the fat content is more, not easy to digest, should eat less.


4, reduce salt intake, increase water intake. Eating more salt will reduce saliva secretion and aggravate the burden on the stomach. Drinking more water can ensure that the secretion of digestive juices need enough water to help digestion. At the same time, it is also conducive to defecation, the body’s garbage in a timely manner, to alleviate the damage caused by toxins on the stomach and intestines.

5, eat less greasy, cold food, meal selection should be biased towards light, warm and soft-based, spring gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity is weak, in order to nourish the stomach and intestines, it is not suitable to eat cold and greasy food, suitable for eating easily digestible light food.

02Great Tips for Preventing Gastrointestinal Disorders in Spring

Exercise can help improve the digestive function of the stomach and intestines, in the spring to regulate the stomach and intestines, but also to strengthen the exercise. Chinese medicine believes that the human spleen and stomach is the pivot of qi and blood operation, only the spleen and stomach to ensure the normal functioning of other organs. So the spring should pay attention to the spleen and stomach, in order to achieve the health of the five organs, the spirit of the purpose.

Exercise can often do limb rotation and other simple gymnastics exercises to strengthen the stomach transport function. Workers can use the sit-up exercise, every day up, before going to bed for 20 to 40 sit-up exercises. You can also lie on your back on the bed, with the palm around the navel clockwise rotation massage about 20. These small actions can play a very strong stomach effect.


Spring although there are a lot of food, but we should pay more attention, there are a lot of food gastrointestinal patients need to avoid eating, in normal times to pay more attention, do not crave it Oh ~!

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