Still upset by gas and bloating? Here are two easy ways to relieve it.

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I happened to review the classic Staxol commercial back in the day, and I was very impressed with the description of the bloated stomach segment in the commercial. A small person is seen constantly inflating a balloon in the stomach, so much so that the whole stomach keeps expanding, making people feel very uncomfortable. And this is also a common adverse symptom for many pregnant women during the process of conceiving life. When there is a new life in the stomach, the enlarged uterus will press on the stomach and intestines, affecting the digestive activities, which in turn will lead to symptoms such as flatulence.

01Manifestations of flatulence and its effects

A feeling of fullness and bloating in the abdomen before or after meals, as well as burping accompanied by a large amount of gas discharge, are specific manifestations of flatulence. In the early stage, it will lead to indigestion and loss of appetite. If not relieved in time, it will easily cause symptoms such as acid reflux, and in serious cases, it may lead to esophageal cancer and other malignant diseases.

02What can be done to improve

Due to the special body structure of pregnant mothers, the slow speed of gastrointestinal peristalsis can easily lead to indigestion, thus making them more susceptible to being targeted by this undesirable symptom. To get relief, it is best to do the following:


(1) Improve diet and drink more water

The root cause of flatulence formation is slow intestinal peristalsis and indigestion. Therefore, we can improve this symptom by changing our diet. Consume more fiber and avoid foods that tend to cause flatulence such as beans. Drink more warm boiled water after exercise or when resting. All of these can bring some relief to this symptom. Remember, never overeat. This will add to the already poor digestion of the stomach. If you are afraid that your infant is lacking in nutrients, you can supplement with a little more fruits and vegetables by eating smaller meals.

(2) Turn on the air conditioning to do a good job of abdominal warmth

If you choose to turn on the air conditioner in the summer to keep cool, make sure you do a good job of protecting your stomach. The stomach is a fairly sensitive part of the cool, don’t forget to cover it with a layer of protection, do a good job of keeping warm.


(3) appropriate exercise

If you want to effectively relieve the symptoms of flatulence, apart from drinking more water and improving your diet, you should also pair it with the right exercises to expel the flatulence from your stomach faster. Here are two simple exercises that you can do at any time when you are at home.

Pregnancy Yoga

Sit in a kneeling position so that your hips can sit between your legs and hold your hands toward the floor at the back of your body. To keep your body balanced. Slowly lay your body down. Lean back on a pillow. Adjust your body and choose a comfortable position to hold for 1 to 3 minutes.


Raise your arms above your head and hold your elbows together. Keep adjusting your breathing here. Hold for about three minutes. Slowly inhale and exhale. Relax both hands. Brace your hands on the floor and rise slowly. Straighten your feet, move your ankles and stretch your joints.


If you want to effectively improve this undesirable symptom, you can do the above measures!

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