Tips on preparing for pregnancy, endometrial conditioning tips

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As we all know, there are two important conditions for a successful pregnancy – a good uterine lining and a good quality embryo. The lining of the uterus is the “fertile soil” in which the embryo is able to settle and develop. In recent years, a lot of infertile women in the preparation for pregnancy or the process of treatment encountered the problem of thin endometrium, and how to regulate, today to provide the preparation for pregnancy knowledge, endometrial regulation strategy.

01What is considered a thin uterine lining?

Generally, we expect the thickness of the endometrium to reach 8mm or more after ovulation, and the ideal thickness should be 10mm or more. The ideal thickness should be 10mm or more. If the thickness of the endometrium reaches 15mm or more on the 7th to 10th day after ovulation, the fertilized egg can have a high rate of implantation.


If the thickness of the endometrium is less than 8mm, we can diagnose the endometrium as thin. The minimum thickness of the endometrium for pregnancy is 6mm, and below 8mm, the probability of pregnancy is low, and the risk of biochemical pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, and ectopic pregnancy increases accordingly.

02Why does the lining of the uterus change

(i) Damage to endometrial tissue

Multiple abortions to scrape the uterus or inappropriate intrauterine surgeries result in damage to the endometrium, which thins it and reduces its ability to give birth.

(ii) Poor endometrial growth caused by endocrine abnormalities

Irregular menstruation and persistent menstrual cycles are signs of endocrine abnormality, which will cause the skin to age prematurely, the body to begin to experience many discomforts, and the endometrium to grow poorly and become thin.

03Endometrial Conditioning Tips

(i) Stop medication, maintain good mood and regulate endocrine secretion


Ovulation drugs will stimulate the thinning of the uterine lining, if you use them, it is recommended to stop and give the body 3-6 months of rest to restore the uterine lining. You must learn to regulate your mood, keep your mood happy and avoid excessive mental stress. If you are chronically stressed and have bad moods, it is likely to hit the endocrine system, which will have an adverse effect on your body.


(C) Reasonable exercise, promote blood circulation


Reasonable exercise can effectively accelerate and promote blood circulation in the uterus, if you are often sitting at work, you should exercise more.


Swimming is conducive to improving the ability of contraction and maintaining the temperature in the uterus. Whole-body exercise can improve the muscle capacity of the whole body and improve physical fitness.

② Yoga is good for unblocking the circulation of women’s qi and blood, which is beneficial to the secretion of hormones.

Exercise effect: nourish the pelvis, thicken the uterine lining

Exercise frequency: dynamic movements, 3 groups per day, 15 strokes per group. Static movements, 10 groups per day, 5 breaths per group.


Action 1: static dead insects

Movements: Lie on your back, head toward your knees, knees bent, hands on your knees.

Action 2: left flat

Action: Lie on your side, elbows touching the ground, use your waist and abdomen to keep your body in a straight line, and be careful that your hips don’t touch the ground.

Action 3: Cat Pose

Movements: palms on the ground, knees bent, waist and abdomen force to keep the back parallel to the ground.

If there is a serious situation, you need to seek medical intervention Oh, so that we can better protect our uterine lining.

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