The Contemporary Woman’s Illustrated Guide to Office Pregnancy Preparation

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For contemporary women, 24H a day, basically 8H is spent in the office, and does not include the time to stay up late to work overtime. Irregular work and rest, untimely diet and so on have become commonplace. Under the double pressure of life and work, women’s physiology and psychology are prone to problems, which makes it more and more difficult to prepare for pregnancy.

01Factors affecting pregnancy preparation in the office

1. Office environment: in the office, the computer we use every day has a certain amount of radiation; the static electricity of the printer will produce a stench in the air to make people dizzy; the bacteria on the phone saliva and so on is one of the main ways to spread the virus; long-term air conditioning in a confined space will feel a headache. Various factors combine to affect the office women’s preparation for pregnancy.


2. Sedentary: for office women, the most common posture is “sitting” every day, sitting to do information, sitting to calculate the check, sitting to deal with matters. Prolonged sitting will make people feel back pain, and will not be action leads to blood circulation, but also cause gynecological diseases.


3. Work pressure: there are always some troubles at work that affect women’s emotions, high mental tension, invisible work pressure will make women feel anxious, which can lead to endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders and other phenomena.

02Office Exercise Tips for Pregnancy Preparation

Work also needs a combination of labor and leisure, appropriate relaxation exercises can help prepare for pregnancy, but also a good way to improve work efficiency. And due to the limitations of the office location, equipment, time, etc., the exercise we do is also subject to certain limitations, then, in the office to do what exercise can be better to prepare for pregnancy?


1. Rope skipping

Rope skipping as an all-round sport, in helping to enhance the physical fitness of women at the same time, can promote the improvement of cardiorespiratory function, improve metabolism, promote blood flow, is conducive to the development of women’s ovaries better quality eggs. Jumping rope has more benefits for pregnancy preparation and also helps to reduce the difficulty of labor and delivery after pregnancy. Because rope skipping may affect colleagues, you can switch to cordless rope skipping, the same effect oh.

Action Points: Wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes; when jumping rope, the body is upright, eyes looking ahead, breathing rhythmically, the body should be relaxed; the height of the jump should not be too high, generally 3~5cm is appropriate, slightly bending the knees to buffer when landing; use the wrist to shake the rope, rather than the whole arm.


Duration and frequency: 200~500 rope skipping per day, depending on the individual’s physical condition. If you do not usually exercise women can also be gradual, you can jump 100 after a break and then continue, not excessive exercise!


2. Yoga

Because of the limitations of the office space, it is more difficult to carry out large-scale exercise, and part of the yoga movement is both simple and convenient, in their own seats can be exercised, such as the goddess style, phantom chair style, crescent moon style and other actions. Practicing yoga can stretch the whole body, relieve shoulder and neck pain while eliminating swelling in the lower limbs, stabilize the pelvis, and allow pregnant women to gradually master breathing techniques in preparation for childbirth.

Action points: novice yoga practice in the best in the guidance of a professional teacher, to avoid muscle strain caused by the action is not in place. The choice of action should be from easy to difficult, can also rely on certain aids to help the movement.

Duration and Frequency: 10~30 minutes, 5~7 times a week.


In addition to this, indoor walking between jobs, walking during lunch breaks, climbing stairs instead of elevators, etc., can add luster to office women’s preparation for pregnancy over time.


Precautions: 1. should not jump rope during menstruation, will lead to the shedding of the uterine lining, causing menstrual cramps and other discomforts; 2. after the exercise need to replenish water in a timely manner; 3. too much is not too late, according to their own physical condition, according to their own strength.


Sedentary office women to prepare for pregnancy, in addition to maintaining a good state of mind, relaxation, but also after work, lunch breaks, appropriate exercise to stretch the limbs, in the body while preparing for pregnancy to be well-prepared. Let the office is no longer dull, in the movement to make preparation for pregnancy become easy and enjoyable.

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