What are the most important parts of your body to work out in preparation for pregnancy?

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Many pregnant ladies, only know to practice, but do not know exactly where to practice, why to practice where, today is going to tell you, prepare for pregnancy training, the most need to exercise the core parts of where? The answer is definitely to strengthen the core strength, waist and abdominal muscles.

01 Why Strengthen the Core

1. The muscles that will be used in labor: abdominal muscles, perineal muscles.

The process of natural childbirth is divided into the first stage of labor, the second stage of labor and the third stage of labor. The first stage of labor mainly relies on uterine contractions, and the mother does not need to make special efforts, but in the second stage of labor, the mother must skillfully use the abdominal muscles and perineal muscles, so that the baby can be delivered smoothly. Therefore, it is recommended that from the preparation for pregnancy to pregnancy and labor, you can utilize a variety of exercises to train these two parts of the muscles in order to help you get through the process of pregnancy and labor smoothly.

2, training abdominal core muscles can prevent and improve back pain during pregnancy.

Why do you get back pain during pregnancy? Weak abdominal core is the culprit that leads to anterior pelvic tilt, the intersection of the spine and lumbar vertebrae is going to be the culprit of low back pain. Low back pain is exacerbated when a weak abdomen becomes heavier and heavier as the baby grows. At the same time because of pregnancy, a lot of abdominal training will be limited, so you ladies have to start training the abdominal core muscles during the preparation for pregnancy, can prevent, but also improve the back pain during pregnancy.

02 Intensive training methods

1. Running

Keep your waist naturally upright, not too straight. Muscles slightly tense, to maintain the posture of the torso, while paying attention to cushioning the impact of the feet on the ground. Note: Abdominal tightening, the power is issued from the middle of the body, driving the whole body limbs of the kind of feeling. Recommended 2-3 times a week, 30-40 minutes each time.

2、Core Training Moves

Static dead bug

Lie on a yoga mat with your head and shoulders looking suspended, waist close to the ground, bend your knees and hips, and use abdominal breathing. Stick to it for 20 seconds.

Touch knee curl

Lying on a yoga mat, exhale into a curl, keeping your waist close to the ground and not getting up, inhale your head to drop down, not to the ground.

Air Bike

Lie on a yoga mat with your head and shoulders off the ground, hands up and legs forward, keeping your lower back steady.

Plank Support

Abdominal breathing, hips clenched, waist not collapsed, abdominals tightened.

Strengthening the core and lower back and abdominal muscles are the best things to practice during pregnancy. When practiced, these movements can help form muscle memory, giving the muscles in these areas the strength and endurance, as well as flexibility, to withstand the growing belly during pregnancy.

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