Dieting to lose weight vs. working out to lose weight?

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In order to quickly see the effect of weight loss, many people will decisively cut off the amount of meals they eat at each meal, or even skip breakfast and dinner, eat only lunch for the day, and drink water when they are hungry to lose weight in an extreme way. It is true that the calorie intake is reduced and the number on the scale drops fast, but something may be wrong with the person. Dieting to lose weight is arguably the most popular and ineffective and physically damaging way to lose weight.

01 Dangers of dieting to lose weight

Dieting does burn fat, but it’s still important to realize that the first thing the body consumes is carbohydrates, and each person’s daily intake of carbohydrates should account for about 50 to 60 percent of their total caloric intake. Our brain requires 20% to 25% of our total body energy daily, and the most directly needed and available calories for the brain come from the breakdown of sugar.

So simply dieting mode, it is like “eating yourself”, a variety of daily nutritional intake is insufficient, the hunger is unbearable at the same time, the human body will begin to lose muscle reduction. Without the concerted work of the muscles, people can not lift the strength, internal organs and limb activity will be damaged.

Dieting to lose weight is easy to rebound. Long-term dieting, people on a large number of high-sugar and high-fat food will be full of desire, the metabolic system has been disorganized for fear of energy is not enough to open the accumulation of calories mode, people can not control to eat, resulting in the accumulation of fat, and then the cycle repeats itself, the more you lose the more fat.

It can be seen that long-term dieting endocrine system will be in disarray, the loss of the body temperature regulation, feeding regulation, stress response and other powerful functions, which in turn led to a variety of diseases. The right way to lose weight: drink more water, vitamin supplements, etc., to maintain a normal metabolic rate, to ensure adequate sleep, and combined with some effective exercise.

02 Fitness weight loss is the most scientific weight loss

Fitness and weight loss refers to a reasonable and nutritious diet plan with proper exercise training, training can also be subdivided into physical training, muscle building training, fat loss training according to different focus.

Take fat loss, a certain amount of aerobic exercise (rope skipping, swimming, jogging, skipping, walking, etc.) and daily green and healthy diet ratios, can ensure that on the basis of health to achieve weight loss and fat loss, so that our body condition more tight and shapely, the mental state of the full online, and the state of the opposite of dieting.

Only through fitness weight loss, to allocate the appropriate amount of exercise exercise to consume the body’s excess sugar and fat, to improve your metabolism; do not be afraid of the calories of food, but to learn to work with food, and make good use of the nutrition of the food, to balance your diet because of high insulin, overeating and other bad habits.

Of course, exercise brings muscle soreness, and matching your diet takes effort and time costs, but sweating from exercise can also bring you a sense of well-being and strength.

Refuse to diet to get rid of muscle, healthy diet to protect your internal organs, to realize from the body shape to the mental state of a new look.

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