What to Eat After A Workout to Lose Weight?

After the exercise, I feel very cool, but also very hungry.
At this time, we have to think about a question: whether to have food or not?
If it will affect the result to weight loss after eating?
But if we don’t eat anyting, we will feel hungry most of time.


Why You Are Hungry After Exercise?

When we exercise, we will consume a lot of glycogen in muscle tissue, stimulate insulin secretion, and lower blood sugar, which will cause hunger.

It ’s Really Necessary to Eat Something After Exercise

It ’s like driving a car. If we drove out for a lap today and found that the fuel tank had bottomed out, what should we do then? Refueling of course!
Usually within 45 minutes after exercise, our body is in the golden window period. At this time, supplementing nutrition is the most critical. Reasonably supplementing food, nutrition will be quickly supplemented to all parts of the body with blood circulation, helping to recover quickly after exercise.
After exercise, the glycogen in the muscle is consumed. If you don’t eat in time to replenish, the body will break down the muscles to supply energy, which will cause muscle loss.
The nutrients ingested after exercise help to restore physical fitness, and promote muscle synthesis, not easy to rebound and gain weight.

How To Eat After Exercise?

  1. Drink Enough water to ensure metabolism

The first thing after exercise is to drink water to replenish your body fluids lost during sweating. If you don’t replenish water in time, it will cause metabolic imbalance, and in severe cases you will be dizzy. Therefore, we must do a good job of replenishing water in time after exercise.
No matter when, you should add water in time, do not wait until you are thirsty before drinking, remember to drink a small amount of times.

2. Eating better 30 minutes after exercise

After exercise, there is a lot of blood in the muscles, and the gastrointestinal blood will be less. At this time, the gastrointestinal motility is slow. If you eat immediately, it is easy to indigestion.
30 minutes after exercise, when the digestive system gradually resumes operation, the body’s metabolism is more active. At this time, eating nutrients can be used efficiently, fat is not easy to accumulate, and the body can achieve the best recovery state.

3.Carbohydrates provide energy to the body

After a lot of exercise, the glycogen in the muscle is too low, and the body uses the protein as fuel, which consumes the muscle. In order to make exercise more effective, you can eat some low-GI staple foods such as whole wheat bread and quinoa after exercise.

4.Muscle repair needs protein supplement

Protein is a source of muscle. The essential amino acids provided by protein can repair damaged muscle tissue during exercise and relieve exercise fatigue. Choose high-protein foods in moderation, such as egg whites, chicken breasts, and salmon.

5. Trace elements relieve movement discomfort

After a lot of exercise, we are often accompanied by cramps, muscle weakness, etc., because a lot of minerals are also taken away when sweating.
After exercise, moderate amounts of magnesium supplements such as spinach and avocado can effectively reduce the probability of cramps; and the potassium in bananas and kelp can help regulate the body’s water balance and avoid muscle weakness.
Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins are also indispensable. For example, vitamin C in orange can help the body synthesize carnitine and promote fat burning.

But do n’t use this as an excuse to eat uncontrollably when you ’re hungry after exercise, and lie to yourself that you will “thinner faster”.

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