When Is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

The park in the morning, the gym in the afternoon, the sports ground in the evening, people who can be seen everywhere in the day.

Regarding the best time for fitness, some people feel that fitness in the morning is spirited, and some people feel that fitness in the afternoon is more refreshing.

Which time period does fitness have the best effect? In fact, you can choose the appropriate exercise for each time period of the day.

More Effective to Burn Fat in the Morning

Aerobic exercise in the morning, fat burning effect is better. It is usually between 6: 30-9: 00 in the morning.

This is because after a night of consumption, the glycogen in the body has almost been consumed, and the exercise is mainly aerobic exercise at this time.

Do some low-intensity aerobic exercise such as jogging, brisk walking, yoga, etc., can consume glycogen faster in the body, enter the fat supply mode, and get better fat burning effect.

The anaerobic exercise will consume the body’s glycogen, and the body’s glycogen content is very low in the morning. At this time, doing anaerobic training exercise may easily lead to syncope, and even a day of dullness.


What to Notice when Exercising in the Morning?

Just wake up in the morning, the body has not been turned on, and the muscles are relatively stiff, so the warm-up before exercise in the morning must be done enough, otherwise it is particularly easy to get injured.

Morning exercise will make the blood pressure and heart rate fluctuate greatly, so don’t run too long or too fast, just jog for 30 minutes.

If you have insomnia, you should stop morning exercises in the morning.

In addition, patients with diabetes or hypoglycemia are not suitable for exercising in the morning.

Promote Muscle Growth When Exercise in the Afternoon

Compared with the morning exercise, more people will choose 4: 00-7: 00 pm. This time just after work, you can arrange the time more reasonably, which is the first choice for many office workers.

Choosing to exercise during this period has obvious benefits:

1. Faster Muscle Synthesis

In scientific research, the testosterone / cortisol ratio is often used as an indicator of exercise recovery and muscle synthesis potential. The higher the ratio, the easier the body will form muscles. In the evening, cortisol levels are low and testosterone levels are high. Strength training is more effective for muscle growth.

2. In the Evening, the Core Temperature of the Body Will Be Higher

Afternoon is the time of the highest body temperature in a day. Within a certain range, body temperature and exercise performance are proportional. Higher body temperature can relax the muscles of the human body and make the body more flexible, which may also be one of the reasons for the increase in physical strength later in the day.

In addition, most people have higher levels of muscle activity at night than in the morning. This means that exercising at night can mobilize more muscle fibers.

Soothe Exercise Before Bed and Promote Sleep

If you ca n’t get up early in the morning and have no time in the afternoon, you can choose to do some soothing exercise 1-2 hours before bedtime, which can not only improve the body ’s metabolic rate during sleep, accelerate fat burning, but also improve sleep quality.

For example, yoga is the prime time to practice yoga before going to bed. Fat burning can also relax muscles, make your body and mind more calm, eliminate mental stress, and help you fall asleep.

You can also do some stretching properly. During the stretching process, slowly relax your body and adjust your breathing, which will help you sleep faster and improve your sleep quality.

It should be noted that strenuous exercise is not suitable for going to bed, because strenuous exercise will cause redistribution of blood throughout the body, making the visceral blood supply relatively inadequate, affecting the function of liver and other organs at night, and strenuous exercise will also excite the brain and affect sleep quality.

We should find our own fitness time according to our work schedule and physical condition, and try to fix this time as much as possible to develop the habit of exercise.

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