Why do doctors tell you to eat less sweets when you have a stomach bug?

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Sweets are loved by everyone, and the satisfaction it brings is not only on the tongue, but also activates a good mood, so sweets are also known as “sugar-coated bombs”. For gastric patients, not only hot pot, pickled these stimulating food can not eat more, sweets should not eat more.

01Why you should eat less sweets if you have stomach problems

It has been experimentally confirmed that 60% of the experimental rats with gastrointestinal diseases that were fed a large amount of sweets for up to 6 months had worsened gastroenteritis, increased the concentration of bile-loving bacteria in the intestines, and even evolved into ulcerative colitis. This also proves that excessive intake of sweets will make the gastrointestinal inflammation increase and worsen the condition. Therefore, the reason why you should not consume sweets when you are suffering from gastric problems is that sweets have the effect of inducing inflammation, and consuming too much of them will aggravate the disease.


Not only that, eating too much sweets will inhibit the production of stomach acid, which can cause some obstacles to the treatment of patients with indigestion, bloating and other symptoms.


Today we are targeting sweets that contain a lot of fructose, and fructose is divided into two kinds: one is a single-cell fructose; the other is a multi-cell fructose, such as candy, milk tea, chocolate we usually love to eat usually have sucrose, glucose and so on.


1. Pickled sweets

Many people think that pickled foods are pickled with salt, in fact, there are some foods in the production of the pickling process added a lot of sugar, so that the food tastes salty and sweet and delicious. This type of food contains a lot of salt, sugar and fat, if you take too much, in addition to cause obesity, but also may lead to indigestion, gastritis, thus affecting gastrointestinal health, so this type of food should not be eaten.


2. Cake

For people with gastrointestinal disorders, some cakes can’t be eaten as well, because many cakes have high trans fatty acid content. In addition to cause obesity, it will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, preventing normal digestion and absorption, and even increase the burden on blood vessels, promote blood sugar rise induced cardiovascular disease, so cakes should also try to eat less.

3. Candy

Candy is extremely high in sugar content, even just one candy may affect the blood sugar steady, and every 100g of candy in the trans fatty acid content can be up to 0.8 grams or more, people with gastrointestinal diseases must pay attention.

02How much is the right amount to eat in a day for people with stomach problems

Although many patients recognize that they should reduce their intake of sweets, there should be a standard maximum daily intake of sugar in order to control it. For different gastric patients, there is a difference in the control of sweets.


Normally, an average adult can consume up to 50g of sugar a day. According to the reference standard suggested by the School of Medicine of Central South University, most gastric patients should consume less than 25g of sugar per day, which can be adjusted according to their daily diets.

Gastric patients are also accompanied by obesity and hyperglycemia and other complications, it is necessary to further limit the amount of sugar intake per day also need to be further reduced, can be controlled at about 15g. Of course, excessive intake of sugar is not conducive to health, just in the case of gastric disease, more attention should be paid to eat as little as possible.


In order to get well soon, a reasonable dietary arrangement is very important, in addition to sugar to limit, some heavy oil and salt will stimulate the stomach of other foods should also reduce the intake, to avoid worsening of the condition.

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