How To Do Exercise Correctly After Stop Doing It for A Long Time

In addition to madman fitness enthusiasts who continue to exercise every day, most people have stopped fitness programs to a greater or lesser extent.

Not only that, sometimes we have to stop training for some time because of injuries, illness, overtime, busy work, etc.

The disconnection time is as short as 2 to 3 weeks and as long as one month or even several months. Such unstable training rules are not optimistic for muscle development.


How long does it take for the muscles to start changing after you stop training?

If you stop training completely, the specific muscle loss will vary from person to person.

The higher the training period, the slower the muscle strength and dimensional decline in a short period of time; the shorter the training period, the faster the muscle strength and perimeter decrease in a short period of time.

But don’t worry, it’s not exactly true muscle loss.

It is normal for muscles to become smaller after a period of suspension, but only water and glycogen in the muscles are lost.

Moreover, if you have several years of training and no muscles in a few months, as long as you continue to train, you can quickly return to the original state.

How can I return to the previous state after training is stopped?

The longer the suspension, the longer it takes to recover.

The normal fitness training for a long time requires a recovery period. In this process, do not rush to do the previous intensity training.

1. Reduce exercise time

After a long break, our muscles and endurance have fallen, and we feel a bit novice, so we should appropriately shorten the exercise time and proceed gradually.

2. Choose low-intensity exercise

Just resuming exercise, it is not suitable to choose an exercise program with too much intensity. You can start from a low intensity, gradually increase the intensity, and let the body slowly adapt.

3. Proper nutritional supplements

To restore muscle, nutritional intake is essential, such as eating some high-quality protein, chicken breast, protein powder, etc., a reasonable and scientific dietary intake can help our muscles grow rapidly.
4. Learn to rest

It is not a rush to resume fitness. You must keep a clear head, learn to arrange your work and rest time reasonably, and adjust your rest appropriately. Poor rest also affects muscle loss.


According to research, after 4 to 6 weeks of suspension, one month of serious training can restore 90% of the original.

In fact, our brain can remember the control of muscles by nerves, and can save the maximum circumference and strength of muscles as a template.

Even if you haven’t been training for a long time, we can return you to the level you were in a short time.

Therefore, there is no need to be too anxious about the suspension of training, as long as it is not too long, it is fine.

4 Exercises to Make Your Lower Limbs Stronger!

Everyone may exercise chest muscles and abs during exercise.

In fact, the muscles of the lower body are the largest muscles in the whole body. After training, all aspects of the body’s ability will be fully improved.

Here are 4 recommended exercises to improve your leg strength.

If you are not training for a long time, be sure to fully warm up and choose a weight that suits you.

Upside Down Machine

Can train the muscles of the thigh and hips.

Adjust the pedal to the weight suitable for you, sit on the inverted pedal machine, bend your legs first, so that your feet can rest on the pedal of the inverted pedal machine, adjust the posture. Take a deep breath and kick your legs hard until our legs are straight, and then we slowly retract.

You must balance your body when doing this, and never tilt your body.


Barbell Back Neck Squat

The barbell squat exercises the quadriceps femoris at the front of the thigh and the biceps femoris at the back of the thigh, followed by the hip muscles.

Raise your head, straight your chest and your back, separate your feet with the same shoulder width. After the scapular contraction, place the horizontal bar on the raised trapezius and deltoid muscles, and cushion with sponges, towels, etc .; hold the bar with both hands for stability. Then, like doing a free squat, bend your hips and then your knees to sink slowly.


Barbell Foreneck Squat

Regular neck squats can strengthen the quadriceps, strengthen core strength, and have less pressure on the back and knees.

For safety reasons, you can also use a squat rack to complete the movement. Lean the barbell against the top of the deltoid muscle, grab the bar with your arms crossed, then bend your hips and then your knees to do squats.

Dumbbell Lunge Squat

The target exercise area for dumbbell lunge squat is mainly quadriceps, which also has an exercise effect on the gluteus maximus, biceps femoris and calf muscle groups.

Hold the bell with both hands, with your feet standing at the same width as your hips, looking forward, and keeping your chest tight and your abdomen tight, keeping your body balanced and not swinging left or right.

Take one step backwards, squat the front hips of the sinking hips so that the knee joint and the ankle joint are on the same vertical line, and the weight is evenly distributed on both legs.

Use These Stomach Exercises to Build Rock-Solid Abs

Having six pack is the dream of every man, so there are too many men struggling to find the most effective way to exercise the abdominal muscles.

Abdominal muscle wheel is really a very good device. Today I will teach you how to use the abdominal muscle wheel to exercise your abdominal muscles.

Weight Bearing to Exercise Belly

(15-20 times)

Same as standard belly
Keep your lower back on the ground
Without other tools
The abdominal wheel can also be used as a weight-bearing tool
Lift the abdominal wheel in your hand while crunching
Weight training can accelerate the formation of abdominal muscles

Seated Abdominal Curl


Support your body with your hips
Place abdominal wheel on instep
Legs lifted
Do a small forward and backward tilt
Knee flexion
Feeling abdominal muscle contraction

Russian Swivel

(20 times)

This is a classic waist and abdominal exercise method
Mainly for the internal and external oblique muscles
Which is often called the mermaid line
Sit upright and sit on the floor or on an exercise mat
Slightly bent knees, legs slowly lifted off the ground

Kneeling Posture to Exercise Abdominal

(15 times)

Knee on knees
Hold the abdominal wheel handle tightly with both hands
Push the abdominal wheel forward to the level of the body on the ground
Then return to home and repeat the operation

Alternate Crunches with Ab Roller Wheel

(5 × 2 each side)

Same as kneeling posture
But when it was launched, it was to the left and right.
The main exercise is oblique abs

Standing Posture with Abdominal Wheel

(8-10 times)

Stand your feet together on a level ground
Hold the abdominal wheel handle tightly with both hands
Push the abdominal wheel forward to the level of the body on the ground
Then return to home position and repeat the operation
Be careful not to sag your back
Don’t push your hips too high

Straight Arm Support

(30-60 second)

Abdomen is tense while doing this
Shoulders, waist and ankles on the same line
Here the straight arm support is supported on the abdominal wheel
More difficult than supporting on the ground
Can better train core muscle groups
Can also train balance and control

After the 7 actions are completed as a group, repeat 2-3 groups, with each group intermittent for 15-30 seconds.

If you have a problem with your lower back or a protruding lumbar disc, you should exercise caution when kneeling and standing.

Some people may say that I am still insisting on being a tear in the abdomen, why haven’t I seen the abs? It may be that your body fat is too high.

Body fat is too high, and even if you practice smoking in the abdomen, the abdominal muscles will not show up to look at you. Therefore, if you want abdominal muscles, you must first think of lowering your body fat.

Because abdominal muscle tears are high-intensity training, it is not recommended to practice every day. It can be performed every other day or every few days.

How to Use Resistance Band to Gain Chest Muscle?

For people who can’t go to the gym often, the elastic band is also a good home fitness tool. The advantage of the elastic band is that it can increase or decrease the resistance, and the pressure on the joint is extremely small. The elasticity has several resistances to choose from, generally 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds, 25 pounds, and 30 pounds.

Beginners can choose 5-10 pounds, and after some experience can add weight appropriately. Today I share a set of methods for practicing chest with elastic bands, which is very suitable for female friends.

Elastic Band for Push-ups

Each Group of 10 to 15 Times, A Total of 4 Groups

Push-ups can be said to be the most basic form of chest training. Using elastic bands around the shoulder blades and holding the elastic bands with both hands can increase the difficulty.

For girls with a small core strength and unable to do push-ups, they can tie the elastic band to a higher position and pull the body with the elastic band to reduce their weight.


  Elastic Band for Push Chest

10 ~ 15 times per group, 4 groups in total

This action is similar to dumbbell bench presses and can be used to practice pectoralis major.The standing position is used here, the elastic band is wrapped around the scapula, and the two ends of the elastic band are grasped with both hands.

Straighten your arms first, this is the starting position, then bend your elbows so that the elbow joints are 90 °, and then push forward to feel the expansion of your chest.

You can also do a bench press with a stretch band while lying on a fitness bench.


 Elastic Band for Chest movement

10 ~ 15 times per group, 4 groups in total

This action is the same as pulling a chest with a tensioner, and you can practice pectoralis major.

Pass the elastic band around the column or other fixing points. The fixing point of the elastic band is on the same level as the chest. Make two forward and backward lunges. Keep the upper body straight. Do not exceed the height of your shoulders.

The chest is clamped inward at a uniform speed, and the motion trajectory is semi-arc. Hold for two seconds, then slowly open your arms to return to the original position.

The arms are slightly flexed during chest clamping, but not elbow movements.


Upper Oblique Clip Chest

10 ~ 15 times per group, 4 groups in total

The movement is the same as that of the chest clip, except that the fixing point of the elastic band is placed at a lower position, and then the arm is pulled up.

Diagonal clip chest

10 ~ 15 times per group, 4 groups in total

The same operation is performed for the lower oblique clamping chest. The fixing point of the elastic band is placed at a lower position, and the arm is pulled down.

The pectoral muscle is a large muscle. The flat, upward, and downward oblique clamping chest can stimulate the chest from three directions. The flat clamping is aimed at the entire chest. The upper oblique clamping is biased toward the upper chest. Prefer training for the lower chest.

Such training can be targeted to strengthen the training of the weak parts, so that the entire chest is fully optimized.


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5 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites for Replacing the First Row Sports

For the sports fanatics, each goal is worthy to experience than being told by others. It is the pain for them to missing a crucial game in any way.

So here we’d like to share some free sports streaming sites. We select these sites after considering the image quality, user-experience, the absence of ads & pops-ups, ease of use and so on.

Beside First Row Sports, is there any high quality sports streams sites? Of course. Below we’d like to show you 6 best free sports streaming sites for you to conveniently to watch your favourite Sports online.


Batmanstream is one of the best free sites which allow you to watch Sports live streams easily. It has over 15 million unique visitors each month. With it, you can watch live football, NBA, rugby, basketball, Baseball and so on. Besides, on the right panel, you can find the chat widget for discussing the latest event, you can join them.

It Always online with over 95% uptime – even during the biggest events like the champions league. Every sports streams are available including those unheard of events. Yes – that’s poker too. Nicely categorized sections with eleven separate lists: Football, NFL, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, and Motorsports.

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(2)From Hot

From Hot is also the free sport streaming site. It is very well organized and labeled, so that you can clear and easy to find what you want to watch on this website. With this site, you can watch a soccer game in Ukraine, followed by a tennis game in Italy and a football game in Dallas.

Open this site, you can see a long list of sports that aired today. And click the Today’s live, you will direct to see the game which is on live. The only choice you need to make is what to start watching.

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The Cricfree sport steaming site is popular among many free streaming enthusiasts. After open it, you will find it has a clear and attractive user interface. It is well structured into sections for users to find their wanted content. I love the fact the users get to know the available games beforehand. This site has a little adverts. So that you can enjoy your favorite game with less interference.

Cricfree allows you to watch a wide variety of European games as well as American games. Some of the games available include baseball, American football, darts, golf, etc.

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WatchESPN the best site for free HD sports streams. This platform allows you to stream live games as well as replays. WatchESPN has a rich variety of games to choose from, and you can stream up to 4 games concurrently. But there is a limit that most of the games available on this platform are North American sports and a few European League sports.

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Livetv is a popular free live sports streaming site. There is a page for live scores and one for video archives – in case you missed the match it is possible to come back an watch it later. This site is offered in five difference languages. It is very popular among Europe. There are 10% visitors are from the US. Broad range of European live sports streaming such as athletics, bandy, futsal, handball, winter sport, billiard, floorball, table tennis, cycling, equestrianism, greyhound racing, and combat.

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Are you having trouble cancelling your LA Fitness membership? You are not alone. Monthly charges continue to accumulate on your credit card until you are able to effectively cancel your membership account. Your LA Fitness membership cannot be canceled online with a click of a button.

This is why many people do not cancel their membership immediately when they are not using their gym membership. Not cancelling your membership right away can be costly. Avoid extra charges and cancel your LA Fitness membership today. To cancel your LA Fitness membership you will need to submit a cancellation form before they officially let you out of your membership.

Trying to cancel your LA Fitness membership can be a hassle. There are a lot of hoops to jump through before your membership can be terminated; especially, for a problem that could realistically be solved with a quick phone call or a click of a button. Follow the steps listed below and learn how to cancel your LA Fitness membership.

How to Download LA Fitness’s Cancellation Form

Step #1 Go to the LA Fitness website and log into your online account

You will need to find the top tool bar on the site and scroll over to the “Member Tools” button. Once you cursor scrolls over “Member Tools” a drop down menu should appear. You will want to click on the “My LA Fitness” option and log in to your account.

For those of you who do not have a LA Fitness web account already set up you can click on the button that tell you to create your own account found on the bottom left of your screen to create an account. When creating an account you will need to produce your membership card. The membership card hold the tag number that you will need to insert.

What if you do not have a membership card? If you have lost your membership card you will need to head over to your local LA Fitness facility and get them to produce your tag number.

Step #2 Download a cancellation form

Once you have made it into your account settings you will see a tab called “Member Services.” Click on it to reveal a sub menu that has the text “Cancel Membership” Click on this tab to download a LA Fitness cancellation form. You will be asked to fill in all your personal information. This will include information like name, phone number and address. You will have to fill this information in by hand as there is no online option to submit the form.

How to Submit Your Form

Choice #1 Post your form using certified mail

You will need to have your form postmarked at least 5 days in advance of your payment due date not to be charged that month’s membership fee.

When items are sent through certified mail you receive knowledge of when your sender received your post. Hang on to the receipt in case you continue to be charged the membership fee. The address for LA Fitness is as follows: Postal Box #54170 Irvine, CA 92619-4170

Choice #2 Send you cancellation form via fax machine

Get the fax number from you local gym and fax in your form.

Choice #3 Cancel your membership in person by contacting the operations manager

Visit your gym to set up a meeting with the operations manager. They usually work 9am – 5pm during the week. You can submit your cancellation form to the operations manager. They have the ability to start your cancelling your membership.

Because many people work from 9am-5pm during the day it can be hard visit an operations manager in person.

Confirm Your Cancellation

Step #1 Call the LA Fitness corporate phone number

Call 888-601-5870 to see whether or not your account has been successfully cancelled. Get help from customer service if your cancellation has not be processed. You may need to supply customer service with pertinent information (like the date of cancellation, receipt for certified mail or the name of the operations manager in which you communicated) to get your membership finally cancelled.

Step #2 Talk to your financial institution about unauthorized charges

If LA Fitness does not take care of the situation you will need to talk to the financial institution where your membership charges are being taken from. Explain the situation and how you have not been successful in getting LA Fitness to process your cancellation . They will be able to stop any future charges from LA Fitness.

If you get to this frustrating final step you may want to send in a complaint to the company. Perhaps if LA Fitness receives enough complaints about their horrible cancellation policy they will take steps to simplify the process.

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