[Purchase Guide] How to choose an elliptical trainer / machine?

The elliptical machine can be said to be an aerobic fitness equipment for the general public. There is no limit to the applicable people. You can use it regardless of your age, fat or thin!

In short, it is suitable for all ages, fat and thin.

Faced with so many elliptical machines, how to choose an elliptical machine to be reliable?

Point 1: flywheel

Front flywheel VS Rear flywheel

The elliptical machine has two designs for everyone to choose from, one is the front flywheel and the other is the rear flywheel. Many people think that the front flywheel must be better than the rear flywheel, but it is not absolute. Both have their own advantages.

The front flywheel is more difficult in design and production process, and it performs better in stability, safety and sports effects.

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The rear flywheel has a relatively simple structure, a lighter weight, a small footprint, easy maintenance, and easier movement.

Point two: flywheel weight

Weight VS light

The elliptical machine does not need to rely on the inertia of the flywheel to drive. The weight of the flywheel is mainly to increase the stability of the fuselage.

If the flywheel is too light, there will be a feeling of floating when stepping on it. Although the flywheel with too much weight can increase the stability and user experience of the elliptical machine, its production cost is also high, the price will be more expensive, and the floor space will be larger.

For the people, a weight of 5-8kg is sufficient. It is too light to step on under 5kg, and it cannot achieve the effect of daily exercise.

Most of the flywheels of 8kg-12kg are front flywheels. As a symbol of mid-range elliptical machines, they can satisfy most home users. Moreover, this kind of elliptical machines can achieve fast fat burning and is more suitable for most people.

Flywheels above 12kg, the standard for commercial elliptical machines, are generally common in gyms, and of course the sports performance is even better.

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Point 3: Stride

Big VS small

Simply put, it is the size of one step taken by one person. The stride size is related to the exercise effect.

Large strides are closer to the effect of running, and the amount of exercise is relatively large, which is better for reducing fat.

Small strides have a smaller relative movement range, but you can exercise your body more, which can improve the buttocks and leg lines. If you want a large amount of exercise, you must extend the exercise time to achieve the desired exercise intensity.

Generally, the stride of the elliptical machine is between 30-52cm, or even larger, and you can choose according to your exercise needs.

The stride of an elliptical machine is related to the size of the flywheel. The larger the flywheel, the larger the stride. Generally, the stride of the front flywheel is larger, and the stride of the rear flywheel is smaller.

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In addition to the parameters of some main components we need to pay attention to, the overall design, workmanship, painting, appearance and other qualities of the elliptical machine are also important factors that we consider.

Good product design is reasonable, ergonomic, and beautiful in appearance. It is the coexistence of appearance and strength. It is smooth and stable to use. The more you use it, the more you like it. The inferior product is rough in workmanship. .

Why choose the American HARISON elliptical machine?

The mystery of HARISON elliptical machine movement lies in its stable and comfortable structure.

FSR connecting rod structure, better shock absorption effect

The elliptical machine allows the exerciser’s footsteps to run along an elliptical trajectory. During the entire operation, the force feedback from the pedal to the exerciser must be consistent to ensure smooth and comfortable movement.

In order to achieve this goal, the elliptical machine adopts the FSR link structure design, which is composed of four support arms. During the movement, the upper arm and the lower arm can rotate at the same time. This design allows the body’s force to be evenly distributed throughout the movement track The upper part reduces the stress on the joints and has a good protective effect on the knees.

Magnetic control system, the core component of elliptical machine

The magnetic control system on the elliptical machine is the key to achieving the best exercise effect.

Every step taken during exercise will drive the electromagnetic system of the elliptical machine. Pedal movement drives the balance flywheel to run, and the flywheel is connected to a motor to provide resistance for movement. The precision and smoothness of the magnetic control resistance determines the movement effect of the elliptical machine.

High-precision parts to ensure the durability of the elliptical machine

The parts in the main joint must have sufficient strength and precision to support the high-intensity movement of the elliptical machine. Any wear of any part inside will loosen the elliptical machine. The high-precision and high-strength parts can withstand high-intensity movements and make the elliptical machine have a longer life.

Simulation testing, the only way to ensure the smooth running of the elliptical machine

Before the elliptical machine leaves the factory, the simulation test is an important indicator to check whether the machine is qualified. During the test, adjust all slope and resistance to ensure the smooth running of the elliptical machine.

Such a rigorous production link can achieve the safe, comfortable and durable performance of the American HARISON elliptical machine.

Recumbent Elliptical vs Recumbent Bike

Recumbent elliptical trainer

A recumbent elliptical trainer or a cross-trainer helps in doing a total body workout in a seated position and is very comfortable. It mimics the movement that occurs during running. It has a longer ellipse pedaling motion with low impact. It has a small range of Read more

Tips to Use Recumbent Exercise Bike

The recumbent exercise bike is the best choice for the people who are overweight,the elder,
and those who lack exercise for a long time to start working out. Since the Lower Limb Muscles are Weak, the knees are poorly supported. Thus the Wrong exercise way will bring damage to the knees. The recumbent stationary bike can solve this puzzle perfectly. And it will provides you the safe, relaxing,and effective exercise. If you already have this machine or want to get one, read this post to know the tips about correctly to use it.

1.Warm-up Before using the Recumbent Bike

Workout on recumbent exercise bike is the same as others, so it is necessary for you to do some stretch to keep your body dynamic and avoid it from the injuries of your muscles and connective tissue. It is important to increase the temperature of the muscles and loosen them up. So you can spend several minutes to do the dynamic stretches, such as Knee highs, leg swings, squats, alternating toe touches and so on.

2. Adjust the Seat to Gain Comfortable Position

A lots of people just hurry to start exercising and sitting on the machine with an awkward position. Actually most of the recumbent exersice bike allows you to adjust the seat position. Including HARISON B8 recumbent bike. So how to adjust your seat? The right method is to slide it backward or forward until your leg on the far side pedal is slightly bend in the extended position.

3.  Spend Five Minutes for A Light Warm-up

Even if you have warmed up and stretched before, your body is still not ready. If you have ever lifted weights, you know what I’m talking about. You do not start with heaviest weights, do you? So, start slowly. For 5-10 minutes pedal at a steady pace. After that, you can start raising the speed and the resistance.

4. Keep Proper Form

Another important thing for an efficient and comfortable workout, besides adjusting the seat, is to keep the proper form. The biggest mistake people usually do is that they lean forward. Don’t do it! You should keep your back straight and fix it to the back of the seat. If you find it hard to maintain the proper position, you can use the handles on the sides.

5. Set The Right Resistance Level

One of the best features of the modern bikes that we can choose from many resistance levels. The problem is that users usually do not choose the right level. Typically, they pick too hard ones.

It is obvious, that the higher the resistance, the more difficult it is to pedal, so you leg muscles work harder making them stronger and larger. But because, you cannot pedal fast, your heart rate will not increase so much so you cannot burn as many calories.

The opposite is when the resistance is too low, so your leg muscles do not work as hard, but you will be able to pedal faster boosting your heart rate.