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Guide to Buying a Folding Exercise Bike 2020

Bike riding is the most effective way of cardio exercise and is ideal for people who require physical therapy regularly. It lets you stay flexible as long as possible by moving your knees and joints. However, regular exercising bikes are often big in size and bulky and might not be an ideal workout machine for everyone.

A folding exercise bike is the best alternative for people who finds regular machines troublesome. These bikes are easily adjusted to any type of home when folded up and are highly popular among urban citizens.

Advantages of a Folding Exercise Bike

Folding exercise bikes are convenient and extremely easy to use. With a folding exercise bike, you don’t need to travel to and from the gym to get your regular dose of exercise as you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Don’t Consume Extra Space
Folding exercise bikes don’t consume extra space compared to regular exercising bikes. You can fold most of these bikes in half and stow into any part of your home after a workout. This is the ideal choice for people living in shared spaces, smaller apartments, or for people who don’t want to keep their exercising bike in front of them after the workout.

Folding exercise bikes come in various price points ranging from low-end to high-end models and there is a folding exercise bike available for every budget.

Folding exercise bikes are perfect for people who are starting with bike exercising or for people trying to lose weight but find it too expensive to continue with gym training.

Includes Entertainment
Most folding exercising bikes feature consoles for devices such as iPad, Kindle, and tablets so that you can enjoy your favorite entertainment while exercising.

Multiple Forms of Exercise
Folding exercise bikes allow you to do multiple forms of exercise depending on your needs. These bikes come with different resistance levels making the exercising level choices convenient for all types of users according to their fitness level.

What to Consider Before Buying a Folding Exercise Bike

Purpose of The Bike
If you looking for a bike solely for the physical therapy sessions, then a beginner-friendly exercise bike will be ideal for you. If you want to improve your overall health and fitness, then go for a bike with greater resistance levels and will push you to your limit.

Weight of The Bike
Most folding exercise bikes come with weight limits, so choose a bike that can carry you and your other family member’s weight.

Noise Level
Exercise bikes with the fan are extremely noisy and everyone might not be comfortable with it. Choose a bike that does the job smoothly without any noise.

Resistance Type
Folding exercise bikes come with different types of resistance such as Friction Resistance, Flywheel Resistance, Fan-based Resistance, Magnetic Resistance, etc. Most folding exercise bikes come with magnetic Resistance. Higher resistance levels mean an increased level of exercise difficulty.

Add-On Features
Add-on features such as portability, foldability, LCD monitors, storage space, etc are great bonuses attached to these bikes. Go for a bike with such add-on features giving your bike an extra edge.

Best Folding Exercise Bike in 2020

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Marcy is a reputed name in the fitness industry with over 50 years of experience. This bike comes with 8 resistance levels which you can select according to your fitness levels. The bike makes little to zero noise during a workout and is ideal for home or office use.


– 8-level resistance

– Magnetic resistance

– LCD computer display

– Adjustable Resistance

– Pedals feature safety straps

Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Folding Upright Bike

This is another excellent folding exercise that comes with a large LCD monitor and a heart rate monitor. This Exerpeutic folding bike is made with 20% more steel and can carry a maximum weight of 400 pounds. The bike adjusts the different range of heights over 5’1” and comfortable to seat thanks to a large seat.


– 8 levels of resistance

– Magnetic resistance

– Maximum weight limit 400 pounds

– Built-in wheels

– Weight of bike 51 pounds

– Large, comfortable seating

ProGear 225 Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike

This ProGear is designed to make your workout a fun-filled experience. It features a large LCD monitor that shows heart rate, calories burned during a workout, etc. The bike also features wide, comfortable seating and the overall design is quite sturdy to hold weight up to 220 pounds.


– 8 levels of resistance

– Magnetic resistance

– Built-in transportation wheels

– Adjustable leg stabilizers

– 3 Piece crank system

HARISON X3 Folding Exercise Bike


A folding exercise bike is designed to make your exercise session convenient and painless. It saves you time going to and from the gym and provides the same workout experience at the comfort of your home. However, you need to choose the right exercise bike based on your fitness level to get the best workout experience with these types of bikes.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Benching

Mistake 1: Flat-back

Flat back is a particularly common mistake in bench press
When many people lie down
The entire back is close to the stool surface
The flat back puts more stress on the shoulder and hurts the waist
The thoracic spine should be raised when lying down
The upper back sits firmly on the buttocks buttocks
Form an arch

Mistake 2: The shoulder Blades Are Not Clamped

A loose shoulder blade will increase the instability of the bench press
Reduced chest strength and increased shoulder pressure
Also prone to chest-containing state

Mistake 3: Excessive Abduction of Elbows

Excessive elbow abduction will bend the elbow too much
This makes the barbell originally in a safe position
Move to the front of the collarbone instead of the sternum
At this time, it may cause stress to flow to the shoulder
The head will also lift up unconsciously
Resulting in a shoulder injury
If you accidentally take off your hands, it will be easier to “lock your throat”

Mistake 4: The Barbell Fell Too Fast

When pushing the barbell to the top
Immediately down, may get rid of
There is also a risk of muscle strain

Mistake 5: Straight Up and Down

Find a good initial dangling point when pulling out the bar preparation
Even if this balance point is heavy, it is not difficult
Usually just above the head to the neck
The falling point of the barbell remains near the nipple
The process of ensuring that the barbell falls is curved
Instead of going straight up and down

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When Is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

The park in the morning, the gym in the afternoon, the sports ground in the evening, people who can be seen everywhere in the day.

Regarding the best time for fitness, some people feel that fitness in the morning is spirited, and some people feel that fitness in the afternoon is more refreshing.

Which time period does fitness have the best effect? In fact, you can choose the appropriate exercise for each time period of the day.

More Effective to Burn Fat in the Morning

Aerobic exercise in the morning, fat burning effect is better. It is usually between 6: 30-9: 00 in the morning.

This is because after a night of consumption, the glycogen in the body has almost been consumed, and the exercise is mainly aerobic exercise at this time.

Do some low-intensity aerobic exercise such as jogging, brisk walking, yoga, etc., can consume glycogen faster in the body, enter the fat supply mode, and get better fat burning effect.

The anaerobic exercise will consume the body’s glycogen, and the body’s glycogen content is very low in the morning. At this time, doing anaerobic training exercise may easily lead to syncope, and even a day of dullness.

What to Notice when Exercising in the Morning?

Just wake up in the morning, the body has not been turned on, and the muscles are relatively stiff, so the warm-up before exercise in the morning must be done enough, otherwise it is particularly easy to get injured.

Morning exercise will make the blood pressure and heart rate fluctuate greatly, so don’t run too long or too fast, just jog for 30 minutes.

If you have insomnia, you should stop morning exercises in the morning.

In addition, patients with diabetes or hypoglycemia are not suitable for exercising in the morning.

Promote Muscle Growth When Exercise in the Afternoon

Compared with the morning exercise, more people will choose 4: 00-7: 00 pm. This time just after work, you can arrange the time more reasonably, which is the first choice for many office workers.

Choosing to exercise during this period has obvious benefits:

1. Faster Muscle Synthesis

In scientific research, the testosterone / cortisol ratio is often used as an indicator of exercise recovery and muscle synthesis potential. The higher the ratio, the easier the body will form muscles. In the evening, cortisol levels are low and testosterone levels are high. Strength training is more effective for muscle growth.

2. In the Evening, the Core Temperature of the Body Will Be Higher

Afternoon is the time of the highest body temperature in a day. Within a certain range, body temperature and exercise performance are proportional. Higher body temperature can relax the muscles of the human body and make the body more flexible, which may also be one of the reasons for the increase in physical strength later in the day.

In addition, most people have higher levels of muscle activity at night than in the morning. This means that exercising at night can mobilize more muscle fibers.

Soothe Exercise Before Bed and Promote Sleep

If you ca n’t get up early in the morning and have no time in the afternoon, you can choose to do some soothing exercise 1-2 hours before bedtime, which can not only improve the body ’s metabolic rate during sleep, accelerate fat burning, but also improve sleep quality.

For example, yoga is the prime time to practice yoga before going to bed. Fat burning can also relax muscles, make your body and mind more calm, eliminate mental stress, and help you fall asleep.

You can also do some stretching properly. During the stretching process, slowly relax your body and adjust your breathing, which will help you sleep faster and improve your sleep quality.

It should be noted that strenuous exercise is not suitable for going to bed, because strenuous exercise will cause redistribution of blood throughout the body, making the visceral blood supply relatively inadequate, affecting the function of liver and other organs at night, and strenuous exercise will also excite the brain and affect sleep quality.

We should find our own fitness time according to our work schedule and physical condition, and try to fix this time as much as possible to develop the habit of exercise.

What to Eat After A Workout to Lose Weight?

After the exercise, I feel very cool, but also very hungry.
At this time, we have to think about a question: whether to have food or not?
If it will affect the result to weight loss after eating?
But if we don’t eat anyting, we will feel hungry most of time.

Why You Are Hungry After Exercise?

When we exercise, we will consume a lot of glycogen in muscle tissue, stimulate insulin secretion, and lower blood sugar, which will cause hunger.

It ’s Really Necessary to Eat Something After Exercise

It ’s like driving a car. If we drove out for a lap today and found that the fuel tank had bottomed out, what should we do then? Refueling of course!
Usually within 45 minutes after exercise, our body is in the golden window period. At this time, supplementing nutrition is the most critical. Reasonably supplementing food, nutrition will be quickly supplemented to all parts of the body with blood circulation, helping to recover quickly after exercise.
After exercise, the glycogen in the muscle is consumed. If you don’t eat in time to replenish, the body will break down the muscles to supply energy, which will cause muscle loss.
The nutrients ingested after exercise help to restore physical fitness, and promote muscle synthesis, not easy to rebound and gain weight.

How To Eat After Exercise?

  1. Drink Enough water to ensure metabolism

The first thing after exercise is to drink water to replenish your body fluids lost during sweating. If you don’t replenish water in time, it will cause metabolic imbalance, and in severe cases you will be dizzy. Therefore, we must do a good job of replenishing water in time after exercise.
No matter when, you should add water in time, do not wait until you are thirsty before drinking, remember to drink a small amount of times.

2. Eating better 30 minutes after exercise

After exercise, there is a lot of blood in the muscles, and the gastrointestinal blood will be less. At this time, the gastrointestinal motility is slow. If you eat immediately, it is easy to indigestion.
30 minutes after exercise, when the digestive system gradually resumes operation, the body’s metabolism is more active. At this time, eating nutrients can be used efficiently, fat is not easy to accumulate, and the body can achieve the best recovery state.

3.Carbohydrates provide energy to the body

After a lot of exercise, the glycogen in the muscle is too low, and the body uses the protein as fuel, which consumes the muscle. In order to make exercise more effective, you can eat some low-GI staple foods such as whole wheat bread and quinoa after exercise.

4.Muscle repair needs protein supplement

Protein is a source of muscle. The essential amino acids provided by protein can repair damaged muscle tissue during exercise and relieve exercise fatigue. Choose high-protein foods in moderation, such as egg whites, chicken breasts, and salmon.

5. Trace elements relieve movement discomfort

After a lot of exercise, we are often accompanied by cramps, muscle weakness, etc., because a lot of minerals are also taken away when sweating.
After exercise, moderate amounts of magnesium supplements such as spinach and avocado can effectively reduce the probability of cramps; and the potassium in bananas and kelp can help regulate the body’s water balance and avoid muscle weakness.
Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins are also indispensable. For example, vitamin C in orange can help the body synthesize carnitine and promote fat burning.

But do n’t use this as an excuse to eat uncontrollably when you ’re hungry after exercise, and lie to yourself that you will “thinner faster”.