5 Mistakes to Avoid When Benching

Mistake 1: Flat-back

Flat back is a particularly common mistake in bench press
When many people lie down
The entire back is close to the stool surface
The flat back puts more stress on the shoulder and hurts the waist
The thoracic spine should be raised when lying down
The upper back sits firmly on the buttocks buttocks
Form an arch

Mistake 2: The shoulder Blades Are Not Clamped

A loose shoulder blade will increase the instability of the bench press
Reduced chest strength and increased shoulder pressure
Also prone to chest-containing state

Mistake 3: Excessive Abduction of Elbows

Excessive elbow abduction will bend the elbow too much
This makes the barbell originally in a safe position
Move to the front of the collarbone instead of the sternum
At this time, it may cause stress to flow to the shoulder
The head will also lift up unconsciously
Resulting in a shoulder injury
If you accidentally take off your hands, it will be easier to “lock your throat”

Mistake 4: The Barbell Fell Too Fast

When pushing the barbell to the top
Immediately down, may get rid of
There is also a risk of muscle strain

Mistake 5: Straight Up and Down

Find a good initial dangling point when pulling out the bar preparation
Even if this balance point is heavy, it is not difficult
Usually just above the head to the neck
The falling point of the barbell remains near the nipple
The process of ensuring that the barbell falls is curved
Instead of going straight up and down

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