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Dynamic bicycle is the first choice for family fitness, convenient, does not take up space, fat loss effect is also very good, but there is no correct use of dynamic bicycle but easy to cause physical injury.

01Possible Hazards of Dynamic Cycling

(1) Knee injury

As a relatively low-impact sports in addition to jogging, dynamic cycling, although belonging to the more gentle movement, but because many drugs to the same action repeated many times, so it is easy to accumulate small injuries and cause team knee damage. Some statistics show that riding an hour of car, pedal about 5000 circles, equal to the knee joint in an hour of bending and stretching 5000 times. As the legs in the bicycle pedaling process repeated circular motion, easy to cause the cartilage in the knee joint overload and damage. And the sudden braking, accelerating, and stopping during bicycle riding also puts more pressure on the knee.

(2) Thickening of legs

Dynamic cycling exercise gives a full workout to the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, posterior thigh muscles on our thighs, and the flounder and gastrocnemius muscles on our calves. Need to be clear when the dynamic cycle can indeed play a good role in shaping these muscle groups, enhance the strength of the lower limb muscles. However, for some athletes who have more fat in the lower limbs themselves, the increase in leg muscles may lead to thicker legs to a certain extent.

(3) Superimposed on the upper limb exercise easy to injury

At present, many dynamic cycling training courses will add some upper body training exercises. However, from a professional point of view, the combination of upper body and lower body exercises will reduce efficiency and calorie consumption. Therefore, in the dynamic cycling training, swinging the upper body is not only counterproductive, in the long run will also damage the body, there are security risks.

02How to regulate to avoid injuries from workouts

Before training on a dynamic bicycle, it is necessary to adjust several positions, especially the seat height, handlebar height and the sequence of the seat.

Adjust the seat height so that the highest part of the seat is in line with the horizontal height of the thigh lift. Adjust the handlebar height so that it is in line with the seat height. Note that the handlebars should be adjusted further up if the trainer is pregnant or has health problems such as back strain.

Seat fore and aft position. When adjusting the seat fore and aft position, we’d better get in the car to make the adjustment. First the hips are at the farthest end of the seat and with the footrest at its lowest point, place the heel of the foot on the footrest so that the leg can be straightened or have a slight bend. Next, with the footrest still at its lowest position, place the forefoot on the footrest so that the knee curvature is 23-35 degrees. Finally, with the footrest at a level, check that the knee and the middle of the footrest are in a straight line.

Any exercise program can cause knee strain. So we must do a good job of warming up and stretching before playing sports, and master the correct sports posture.

After reading the above hope can let you correctly use the dynamic bicycle, happy sports ~!

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