Can’t control your mouth and still want to lose weight? Get to the root of your appetite problem

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When you start to lose weight, what do you have to eat so that you don’t get hungry fast? What snacks can be eaten during the day to satisfy your cravings? This article together to explore exactly!

01How do you regulate your diet?

The basic principle of weight loss is always “calorie intake <calorie consumption”, overweight people come up to exercise can easily lead to joint injuries, you can start with a standardized diet, so that the body fat to be consumed, and gradually reduce the weight to a certain extent with the start of the exercise, which can further increase the consumption of calories, but also let you have more lines.

Overweight obesity recognizes that the most worried about losing weight is that you can not eat meat, in fact, chicken breast, duck breast, seafood and other white meat with low fat content, you can eat, but also rich in protein, but also pay attention to the white meat with high content of unsaturated fatty acids, the daily control of about 50g on the good.

02Root causes of weight gain

For the most part: the culprit that makes you fat is eating too many refined carbohydrates. After all, foods with a high GI are digested quickly and absorbed well as they enter the intestines, and glucose is able to enter the bloodstream quickly leading to the production of high blood pressure and high blood sugar, which are common in obese people. In the long run, the sugar that is too late to be broken down will also be converted into fat and stored in the body, and you get fatter and fatter, with a better appetite.

High oil, high sugar can improve the color, aroma and taste of food and widely loved by consumers. Overweight and obese people often like to eat high oil, high sugar food, in addition to high salt food will stimulate the appetite, resulting in excessive energy intake, thus leading to weight gain.

03Lose weight and eat these more effectively

For this reason, it is still not recommended to eat takeout during the weight loss period, at the same time, do your own fat loss meal can be fine carbohydrates and other low GI, satiety and strong do replace —.

Purple potatoes and sweet potatoes meal texture is soft and rich in fiber, so relatively strong sense of satiety, in addition to purple potatoes are also rich in selenium and anthocyanins, used to replace the staple food is our common choice.

Yam and taro nutritional value is not much difference, relatively speaking, taro calories a little lower. It is rich in trace elements and vitamins, which dietary fiber content is relatively high, moderate consumption can promote their own gastrointestinal tract peristalsis, accelerate the human body for toxins and residue discharge, conducive to weight loss and fat loss.

Oats are rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, conducive to defecation, low calorie, low glycemic index, lipid and glucose, is a kind of balance between nutrition and not fat health food, can be appropriate instead of part of the staple food.

04Snacks for the Obese

First of all, we must avoid the intake of high-energy foods, such as: fried foods, cream cakes, dessert snacks, cream bread, ice cream, high-sugar drinks, etc., it is best not to eat, really can not help but eat some other weight loss suitable for snacking it.

Preferred snacks with less oil is freeze-dried fruit, according to research, its fat content is generally below 1%; you can compare the fried dried fruits and vegetables, their fat content can rise to 10% to 20%, so try to eat it.

When you crave sweets, you can replace them with high-protein snacks, such as chicken sausage, chicken breast strips, etc. Even if the calories are the same, high-protein is relatively healthier and more satiating than carbohydrates.

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