Always talking about sugar control, how exactly should we control sugar scientifically?

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Sugar, as the all-ages kill object, almost no one can escape its temptation. But along with dental caries, diabetes and obesity and other diseases in our country’s prevalence rate continues to climb, sugar control, also began to trigger a boom, but completely rejected the sugar food but make us more depressed, many people can not help but ask: how to scientifically consume sugar in order to satisfy the nature of the people addicted to sugar at the same time does not aggravate the burden on the body?

01What exactly is being fought against sugar

Anti-sugar ≠ no sugar, carbohydrate food still have to eat, but need to control the amount of consumption, high sugar content of food in the sugar is seriously excessive, so anti-sugar to eat less cake, milk tea, carbonated drinks and candy and other high-sugar food.

02Knowing the sugar content of food

The method is very simple, observe the ingredient list of the product, if sugar, fructose syrup or sugar and so on ranked in the first three positions of the ingredient list, it means that the sugar content is not low, at this time you can say no to it.


The second is about the calculation of sugar content, as there are many food packaging does not write the sugar content, but the presence of carbohydrates, carbohydrates in not only sugar, but also starch and polysaccharides. In contrast, the lower the carbohydrate content also indicates a smaller percentage of sugar.

The most important step in scientific sugar control is to develop a program. Since sugar is indispensable to the body, it can not be completely not consumed, therefore, in the usual time of consumption, we should have some control over the intake of sugary foods.


1, three meals meals containing sugar: cooking dishes, try not to add sugar in the dishes, as far as possible, less sweet dishes.

2. Packaged food/drinks: Estimate the sugar content and pay attention to the intake.

3. Unpackaged food/drinks: Try to exercise moderation and do not consume too much.

03How much sugar is appropriate

Both the World Health Organization and the Chinese Nutrition Society suggest that, to prevent overweight, obesity and dental caries, adults and children (age ≥4 years) should reduce their daily intake of added sugars to 10% of their total energy intake for the day. Specifically, it is calculated that the intake of a day should not exceed 50 g, but it is recommended to 25 g or less.

04Is it okay to substitute sugar?

As long as the sugar substitutes are legally compliant and not used in excessive amounts or in an excessive range, there is no problem in consuming sugar substitutes. Like other kinds of additives, each kind of sugar substitute, to become a “legally compliant” additives have to go through numerous rounds of testing, its metabolic process, toxicological effects, etc., have been thoroughly studied, and to determine the permissible daily intake (ADI) per person before they can be approved as legal additives. Sugar substitutes are indeed a better choice for those who need to control sugar but crave sweets.

In short, sugar control must be mastered in an appropriate way, sugar control in a healthy life is only a small percentage, want to be healthy, adhere to the moderate exercise and regular work and rest is also very necessary.

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