What cycling er can’t afford not to know about knees

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Cycling as a daily healthy exercise method, not only can effectively help us to burn fat in the summer also can be along the way to enjoy the scenery of nature or the city. All we need is a bike and a backpack, and we can go on a beautiful journey with a light load.

Riding can help improve memory, long-term persistence of riding, but also can enhance the cardiopulmonary vascular function, enhance the body’s metabolism and immune ability, play a role in fitness and health care. Whether it is normal walking or sports fitness, can not do without the help of the knee joint. But in our daily fitness and sports, the knee joint will inevitably be damaged and worn. How to minimize this damage and how to avoid the potential risks of knee joints in sports is what we are going to explore today.

01How to protect your knees while riding

1. Good riding method

For people who ride, a good posture can greatly prevent us from being injured in the ride, not only can reduce the pressure on the knee joints, but also can be able to drive us to burn fat more effectively. The first thing is to adjust a good standard seat, the height can not be too high or too low, the best is to be able to level with the hip joints, if too low will lead to excessive knee bending in the riding process, resulting in increased pressure on the knee.

Next is to an even speed, because long time riding is very wear and tear of the knee, if in the process of riding has been maintained at high speed, which will be more pressure on the knee. So we try to keep an even speed during the ride, and also try to find some smooth roads that don’t have too much climbing.

2. Adequate riding preparation

Not only do we need a good riding method, adequate riding preparation is also an important measure to protect our knee joints. For cycling er, you can prepare a pair of suitable riding knee pads, which can not only prevent the knee injury due to accidental fall in the process of riding, but also can keep the knee warm, in order to prevent the knee from being cold due to the cold wind invasion in the process of a long time riding.

Secondly, adequate preparation for exercise is also necessary, before riding we can have a proper activity, stretch out the joints and muscles, can be better prevented, and get hurt during the ride.

02Knee Care Tips

After talking about the importance of knees and some ways to protect them, we can also learn how to take care of them. First of all, we should avoid excessive pressure on the knees in our daily life to avoid damage. Therefore, we should avoid overly strenuous running and jumping during sports, or sports that are beyond the body’s ability to withstand the pressure, as well as climbing for a long time, all of which will bring great pressure to the knees.

We can also go to exercise the muscles of our thighs and calves to increase the stability of the knee joint by exercising the muscles. You can also supplement more calcium-rich ingredients in your daily life to increase the calcium element in your body and achieve the purpose of maintenance.

Well, for the knee joint we talked about the importance of the knee joint and how to go about protecting the knee, such as if you are a keen cycling sportser, then make sure you read this article carefully and thoughtfully and learn how to protect your knees for better sports!

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