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Workout Benches: 3 Exercises To Keep You Fit

Workout benches are a good choice for staying fit and healthy while also having complete control over what you use them for. For example, a workout bench can be a good choice for senior people who require specialized care services at home. If you want a HARISON weight bench , there are several exercises you […]

CBA Player Shows How to Avoid Stationary Bike Injuries

For bodybuilding people, indoor cycling is a very popular exercise to lose body-fat, but also very popular at celebrity , athletes and millions of us . How to avoid stationary bike injuries has become a concern of us. “Regular riders” Google for the answer, and “Professional riders” have fully utilized stationary bike . CBA Player […]

Businesswomen Work Health Balance by Rowing Machine

Recently, in the Chinese popular comedy-drama TV series, HARISON rowing machine, elliptical machine, and exercise bike were used by the successful businesswomen Cheng. Overall, the plot of this drama is very entertaining and worth thinking about women’s health issues in the workplace About The Chinese TV Series In the series, Cheng, the second daughter of […]

HARISON Weight Bench For Best Full Body Workout

HARISON Weight Bench: Best Full Body Workout Bench For Big People Thanks to some innovative designs and competitive pricing, working out at home has become not only the desired option but a more realistic one. In times past, big, heavy pieces of equipment took up lots of space, were extremely hard to put together, and […]

HARISON Best Inversion Table HR-407 for Big People

HARISON Best Inversion Table HR-407 for Big People What is the best inversion table for big people? Here we HARISON list some points, lets check it out.   WHAT IS THE BEST INVERSION TABLE? What is the best inversion table?  An inversion table is a fitness product wherein you practice Inversion Therapy Simply put, it […]

HARISON 609 Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Pad Workouts

HARISON 609 Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Pad OVERVIEW: Welcome to our HARISON fitness tips channel consisting of bodyweight-only, weight bench workouts! Here is a full-body workout by HR-609 weight bench. Let’s finish the workout and strong! REFERENCE EXERCISES USING A WEIGHT BENCH   LEG CURLS CONCENTRATION CURLS How to do them […]

Important Notice: Scammer Websites List Which Sells Harison Fitness Products (Updating…)

Harison fitness Important statement about customers being deceived by buying products through unofficial channels   Dear HarisonCustomers, Recently, a lot of scammer’s website appears as attractive offer or pretend itself a large online shopping site, users are more receptive to these schemes. And they caused Harison customer transaction funds to be deceived. In order to […]