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The colder the more exercise? What are the benefits of winter fitness?

It’s again “Autumn clothes tied in long pants, Long trousers in the socks” season. Now the north has already snowed. The colder weather, the less exercise. Eat more and exercise less. But it’s the time when you get the most calories. Accumulated a “swimming ring” accidentally in winter. In winter, some people get fat, some people lose weight. In […]

Why do you need to activate muscles before exercising?

The coach always asks the people to activate the muscles before fitness, but some people equate the muscle activation with the warming up. It takes more than 10 minutes to run and warm up before fitness. But when we do strength training, we actually need to do some related muscles relax and activate. What is muscle activation? In fact, […]

How to Use HARISON HR-602 Sit Up Bar

Here is an introduction to the training skills of the HARISON HR-602 sit-up bar. Before using the sit-up aid for exercise, fix the sit-up aid. First, turn on the switch on the sit-up aid, then let the suction cup suck the ground, press the sit-up aid firmly to make it completely adsorb the ground, and […]

How to Protect Knees During Exercising

Warm Up No matter what kind of exercise you are doing, you must warm up. Muscle fibers are elastic, and full warming up before exercise can improve the mechanical characteristics of muscle fibers, make the broken length of muscle fibers longer, and make it less likely to break, and prevent injury to the knee joint. […]

Can You Lose Weight Faster by Exercising on an Empty Stomach?

Has anyone ever suggested you work out on an empty stomach? Doing cardio before or without fueling with food, otherwise known as fasted cardio, is a hot topic in the fitness and nutrition world. So if people can lose weight faster by exercising on an empty stomach? Here’s the answer from study: “Fasting exercise has […]