What to do when you have postpartum depression? Three points of regulation to improve depression

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01Family environment regulation

The postnatal family environment is extremely important. Mothers need a relatively quiet and comfortable environment after giving birth, and they also need the patience of their family members to accompany them and take care of them, so as to create a cozy family environment. Poor rest naturally affects the mother’s mood, and external stimuli (e.g., family indifference, family arguments about the financial burden after the birth of the child, etc.) will only aggravate the depression.

02psychosocial adjustment

Mothers should pay attention to self-psychological adjustment, timely and good a mother’s role in the child-rearing road to learn from the experience of others, learning scientific knowledge, do not because the baby’s crying more than irritable, to learn to self-regulation, listen to music to relax the mood, but also can be confided in the family or friends, release their own pressure. Serious cases need to go to the hospital for psychological counseling.

03movement regulation

Exercise can make people feel happy, and this is also true for postnatal depression, appropriate exercise can not only enhance the physical fitness of the mother, early recovery of body shape, but also can ease the inner anxiety, release uneasy emotions. Through the regulation of exercise, the symptoms of postpartum depression can be relieved.


With the doctor’s permission, practicing some simple postnatal yoga can improve blood circulation and promote the recovery of anal and urethral sphincter, so that your mood will naturally become more beautiful when you are in good health.


It has been found that the brain will secrete a lot of endocannabinoids when running, which is also called the happy hormone, and can effectively enhance the sense of happiness, so for the postpartum depressed moms and dads, they can choose to go jogging. In the process of jogging, it strengthens metabolism, improves cardiorespiratory function, and leaves worries behind. When jogging, put your eyes in front of you, don’t hunch your back with your chest, relax your shoulders, and keep your jogging amplitude. 3 times a week, depending on the physical fitness of the baby moms.


Swimming can be able to make the blood vessels, including the skin, contract, can enhance the body coordination of the moms and dads, strengthen the cardiopulmonary function, make the skin firm, and reduce the injurious nature of the exercise. During swimming, fully relax your body and mind and enjoy the freedom of this moment. Be sure to do a good warm-up before swimming, and wait for your body to adapt to the water in the pool before going into the water. 3 times a week is appropriate, each time 30 minutes moderate.

I hope all the moms and dads who are plagued by postpartum depression can get out of the haze soon, be happy every day, and accompany their babies to grow up healthily!

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