The secret of postpartum mom’s “eternal youth”.

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Postpartum moms are finding that their skin is sagging, they are starting to lose hair, fat tends to hoard, and even fine lines are starting to appear around the eyes from all the hard work of bringing up a baby. Are these short-term phenomena caused by babywearing? Or are we just aging after giving birth. Is it possible to have a better body after giving birth than before? Is there a way to stay young forever? Today we will discuss this in detail.

01Is it true that you age after giving birth?

American postpartum aging scientific research shows that postpartum mom’s body chromosome telomeres will be shortened by 4.2%, which is equivalent to the body cells to accelerate the “aging” of 11 years. Chromosome telomeres will follow the increase in age, as well as cell division will become shorter and shorter, that is, the human body in the gradual “aging” of a body signal. The more children you have, the shorter your telomeres will be. As the telomeres shorten to a certain point, the body’s chromosomes can no longer replicate and the cells begin to age. But we have to understand that this kind of aging is not an aging of life expectancy, but an aging of the body’s state. So it’s true, you really do age after giving birth. Many postpartum moms feel the changes in their bodies.

02Exercises for postpartum recovery

There is no one-size-fits-all exercise program, and there is no one-size-fits-all exercise program. But in summary, the “forever young” exercise is strength training.


Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training allows postpartum mothers to increase muscle mass and decrease the rate of aging during the aging process. Strength training can improve the aging body’s ability to fight back. It can reduce fat, increase metabolism, and restore and maintain a good body shape. It can make our bones stronger and prevent osteoporosis while making the body more flexible. Strength training can reduce the probability of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


②Suggestions for strength training

If you have the conditions, you can go to the gym and follow the advice of professional trainers. If you train at home without using equipment, you can also choose to train with your own weights. Next, introduce a group of actions, the following each action 4 groups, each group of 12, each group rest interval of no more than 30 seconds, every day, more than a month will be able to see the results.


Unarmed squat

This action can be practiced legs and buttocks muscles, is the girls especially favorite thin legs posture. Feet apart, shoulder width apart, toes tilted outward 45 °, first bend the hip and then bend the knee. Lean your body forward slightly and don’t contain your chest.

Kneeling push-ups

Brace your hands on the ground, shoulder-width apart or slightly wider than that, and lift your calves up and cross your legs. Bend at the elbows, inhale underneath, then exhale and push to the starting position.


Feet apart, shoulder-width apart, left leg step forward in a lunge position, squatting while the knee of the front leg does not exceed the toes and the knee of the back leg does not touch the ground.

No one can “stay young forever”, but scientific exercise can make us stay young for a while longer. We are active sports, active life, the mind will also let you return to 18 years old.

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