HARISON Squat Stand 30812 Review Pros and Cons

HARISON Squat Stand 30812 Harison-fitness-squat-stand-48-1-768x1024

Review Pros and Cons

The Harison Fitness adjustable squat stand provides a lot of value for the price that it is offered at. It features 10 different height settings for the uprights, and it can hold up to 650 pounds of weight. Squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, dips, and other workouts may be performed thanks to the uprights’ ability to be modified.


About HR-30812 Squat Stand

The weight capacity of the movable spotter arms is 400 lbs, and they have five different settings to choose from. They are there to rescue you in the event that you get caught at the bottom of a workout. The breadth of the squatting stand may be modified to one of ten different settings, providing you with a great deal of flexibility while also making it simpler to store.


Additionally, it features a weighted plate cushion on every side that is suitable for use with weight plates of both regular and Olympic dimensions. One hundred seventy-five pounds of force may be accommodated by every weight plate sleeve.


How did the machinery feel when it arrived at homes


Although enthusiasts are aware that squat stands do not get a lot of love in this community, many still wanted to submit a review on the stands that are located in my home gym.


A lot of people wanted a piece of machinery that could easily take at least 400 pounds, was movable, could fit in a tiny place, and was affordable, so there are a plenty of people who went ahead and bought them. These fulfilled all of those requirements completely.



Nothing out from the ordinary about the assembly or the package. Arrived in a sturdy cardboard box, and each component was individually wrapped with bubble wrap. The assembly process took around half an hour for each stand, but that was because I wasn’t very efficient while separating the individual components before putting them together. The assembly process consists of nine bolts and the foot caps.

Pros and cons




  • Rated to hold 700 pounds
  • J-cups with plastic liners are included in the package.
  • Very reliable even when a weight of 25 pounds is placed on every stand (has a weight horn on the back of the rack).
  • If they need to be relocated, they are light and simple to carry.




  • Did not provide other attachment like the power cage( HARISON would update a pro version for more  at the next squat stand)




The Harison Fitness squat stand is one that I prefer using overall. Because it is adjustable in height and breadth, it may serve as a base for a variety of activities. Does not need a large amount of space, which is an essential requirement for the majority of home gyms. In addition to that, there is space available for storage.


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