Q&A about treadmill, read it and you will understand treadmill

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Treadmill indoor running, as a time-saving and convenient, and is not affected by the weather of the exercise by many people’s favor, but for those who intend to try treadmill running, treadmill purchase and use of a lot of questions. This issue pushes for the treadmill to the majority of runners to do an answer.

01Is it true that treadmills hurt your knees?

In fact, there are many reasons for knee damage caused by running, and the reaction force of the hard surface of concrete is even more likely to cause damage to the knee in comparison. The treadmills on the market today have different degrees of shock absorption. As long as one overcomes the problems of incorrect running posture, too long exercise time, too fast setting speed, etc., the use of treadmill will not have adverse effects on the knees.

02What’s the difference between running on a treadmill and running outdoors

The exact feeling varies from person to person, but in general, running on a treadmill will be more effortless and relaxing than outdoors. Running on an indoor treadmill requires less effort as we don’t have to overcome wind resistance. At the same time, the elasticity and shock absorbing design of the treadmill’s conveyor belt also reduces the amount of force required by the body. Many of the treadmills on the market today also come with corresponding courses, which will also be a distraction and easier for runners who are just starting to try out long-distance running.

03Do you need special running shoes on the treadmill?

No need, the conveyor belt of the treadmill itself is elastic and softer than the outdoor ground. Running shoes that are normally used for outdoor running can be used directly on the treadmill with no problem.

04Do’s and don’ts of using a treadmill

Indoor treadmill running is much the same as outdoor running, don’t eat too much before exercise, just add some energy appropriately. It’s best to do a full warm-up before you go for a run to avoid muscle strain in the process of running. Treadmill running pay attention to grasp the rhythm, from the slow walking in the transition to running, so that the effect of the movement is the most ideal.

05How to buy a treadmill

There are several key parameters to look at when choosing a treadmill. The motor is the heart of the treadmill, and its quality is related to the treadmill’s life, smoothness, noise and so on. Generally speaking, the motor power is 1HP or 2HP, so you can choose according to your own situation. The slope has a great influence on the knee, generally 2~5° is more suitable, the entry-level treadmill does not have the adjustment function, fixed about 2.6 degrees.


Shock absorption design is very important. Effective treadmills usually use rubber shock absorption or airbag shock absorption, some manufacturers also have their own patents. Entry-level treadmills use EVA or spring damping.

It’s amazing how much damage a chronic high-fat diet can do!

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People in today’s society do not experience such strong physical labor as farming, can not consume so much fat, but the improvement of living standards, dietary diversification, heavy oil and heavy food is more popular among consumers.


However, fat is not equivalent, a long time of high fat diet will lead to obesity, triggering a series of disease problems, it is time to pay attention to it!

01Definition and hazards of a high-fat diet

For three meals, the normal proportion of fat intake for adults should be 20% ~ 30% per day, roughly 50g ~ 80g, including fat from food and fat intake from cooking oil. If the proportion of fat for energy is above 40%, it can generally be called a high-fat diet, and some diets, such as the ketogenic diet, can even approach 70%,


Fat is one of the essential nutrients for human energy supply and metabolism, but a long-term high-fat diet, a large intake of trans fat is particularly unhealthy, the body needs excess nutrients is bound to damage health, leading to obesity and a variety of human complications. So the common high-fat diet leads to physical damage are –


(1) Damage to cardiovascular


People who eat high-fat food for a long time will blood lipid content slowly deposited on the blood vessel wall, then formed in the blood vessels atherosclerotic plaque, over time will cause the arteries gradually narrowed or even blocked. This time is already very dangerous, not timely detection and improve eating habits may cause acute myocardial infarction, organ ischemia and ischemia and even sudden death.

(2) Damage to the stomach and intestines


High-fat diet will increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Some data show that people who often eat high-fat food have 2~3 times more risk of colorectal cancer than others. As food with high fat content accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract for a longer time, digestion of high-fat food needs to secrete more gastric acid, which is difficult to be digested and absorbed or excreted from the body, and the stomach is prone to acidity that triggers gastric diseases and breaks the intestinal flora.


(3) Interference with metabolism


Studies have shown that a high-fat diet can induce metabolic disorders, leading to diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases. If the daily dietary fat energy supply more than 30% of the total energy, the prevalence of coronary heart disease and mortality will increase significantly.


For example, the liver and gallbladder, the main organs of human metabolism, if excessive fat intake will lead to a spike in blood cholesterol, and when cholesterol is oversaturated, it will crystallize to form gallstones. Similarly, a high-fat diet can damage the liver, leading to liver failure in the long run.

(4) Dumbing down of the brain


It has been found that free saturated fatty acids in a high-fat diet can lead to a decrease in the number of protein transporters in the blood-brain barrier, and an insufficient supply of glucose to the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, which can lead to inattentiveness and delayed reaction.

02How to make high-fat dietary adjustments

The health of fat mainly depends on fatty acids, and fatty acids are mainly divided into saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids. Daily diet from animal fat intake of saturated fatty acids, such as common poultry, chicken and duck, and pigs, cows and sheep, etc., to note that excessive intake will lead to increased cholesterol; unsaturated fatty acids are found in plants and fish fat, such as deep-sea fish and peanuts and soybeans.


In the daily or fat loss period can eat more unsaturated fatty acids, not only to supplement the body’s nutritional needs, lubricate the intestinal tract, promote intestinal peristalsis, but also to help the body metabolism. Weight loss should also try to avoid eating processed foods to prevent more intake of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids.


Some healthy fat foods are shared below:


(1) Wild Cold Water Fish and Fish Oil


Salmon, tuna, sardines, trout, etc. contain omega-3 fatty acids, but also contains natural DHA and EPA. for muscle builders, a little inattention is prone to arthritis, supplementation of high-quality fats and proteins can reduce inflammatory response in joint pain during exercise.

(2) Stir frying vegetables for coconut oil, olive oil


In addition to the food you eat, the daily frying oil should not be ignored, for example, coconut oil can enhance people’s body resistance to viruses and bacteria. Cold pressed olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers. It is recommended to replace lard, etc. to cook, or use olive oil as a salad dressing, which can help you lose weight.


(3) Avocado


During the weight loss period, avocado is a regular fat loss meal, you can and chicken, salad vegetables with a variety of styles and flavors, rich taste at the same time, it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids beneficial to heart health, but also to help the body burn more fat.


Do not eat fat people do not have enough energy, but learn to choose to eat good, high-quality fat, is the most important!

Should I drink skim milk during my fat loss period? Read it and you’ll understand.

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As early as a hundred years ago, Europe and the United States began to meat, eggs and milk supplementation, due to historical reasons, our ordinary people’s milk intake to be later than in Europe and the United States, and now living conditions are better, milk has also become an indispensable part of our daily diet.

Due to the high nutritional value of milk, rich in fat, there are many people who love beauty for whole milk began to have resistance, business found this business opportunity, launched a claim that 0 fat skimmed milk, in order to control the intake of fat, and then become a lot of weight loss, the first choice of people who love beauty. That skim milk can really lose weight, or IQ tax?

01Classification of milk

Milk not only contains fat, but also protein and calcium that the body needs. The current popularity of skimmed milk is a result of the misconception that as long as it contains fat, it must be a stumbling block to weight loss. Skimmed milk is the removal of fat from whole milk by centrifugation. The main types of milk on the market today are: whole milk, low-fat milk and skimmed milk.


100ml contains 3.5g of fat = whole milk

100ml contains 1.3g of fat = low-fat milk

100ml contains 0g fat = skimmed milk

02Is it useful to drink skimmed milk when you are on a diet?

Many fitness professionals and beauty lovers, who are trying to strictly control their fat intake, are turning to skimmed milk. In a certain sense, it is a health food that benefits people with high blood fat and cholesterol, giving them less stress caused by their daily intake.


However, skimmed milk does not absolutely help in weight loss as compared to those who are on a diet. In fact, our body in the process of absorbing nutrients, is the need for a certain amount of fat, and the normal population intake of milk in 300g, whole milk contains fat, will not give the normal population burden.

03Whole Milk vs Skim Milk

First of all, in terms of price, skim milk is more expensive than whole milk, in the processing of skim milk, the process is relatively more complex, the cost incurred will increase, but these prices are not much difference, for fitness professionals and beauty lovers, will not give up skim milk because of the price is expensive.


In terms of taste, whole milk will have a richer texture and a richer odor, making it more accessible to the public. Skimmed milk is less flavorful because it loses its fat content. However, for people who talk about “fat”, they will choose between taste and reduced fat intake, and they will choose the latter decisively.


From the point of view of nutritional value, in addition to the common nutrients of whole milk, there is also a wealth of vitamin D. However, skimmed milk in the processing, because of the separation, resulting in the loss of vitamin D and other fat-soluble nutrients, compared with whole milk, skimmed milk nutritional elements to some lower.

Finally, from the satiety point of view, because the whole milk contains fat, so the intake of calories produced after the larger, more durable in the body storage, so it is more satiated than skimmed milk, many weight loss professionals in the hungry, but also choose skimmed milk, but in fact, this time to intake of whole milk, will not cause too much calories, the body can completely self-consumption.


Summarize: skim milk although there are certain benefits, but for weight loss, although there is a certain role, overall play a role is not very big. We can not completely call skim milk “IQ tax”, but also to see its beneficial side, such as the prevention of various diseases, it will be more effective than whole milk. For the sake of your family’s health, please choose the type of milk according to your family’s reality.

80% of pregnant moms have “headaches”? 5 tips to deal with it

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Headaches during pregnancy can be a real headache, especially in times of epidemic, when the symptoms can be very stressful. But headaches during pregnancy is a very common thing, 80% of pregnant mothers will be due to a variety of reasons and the phenomenon of headaches. Today, we will teach you 5 tricks to deal with the headache of pregnancy “headache”.

01Causes of headaches during pregnancy

Headaches can occur at any time during pregnancy, with early pregnancy being more common. Headaches in early pregnancy may be due to electrolyte disorders caused by pregnancy sickness. It is related to a series of changes that occur in the body during pregnancy, a large release of hormones in the body and an increase in blood volume, as well as stress and poor rest, and anemia, dehydration, and hypoglycemia. However, severe, persistent, unrelieved headaches may be a sign of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy and must be taken seriously.

02How to Avoid Headaches During Pregnancy

(i) Rule out pathological headaches

Go to the hospital, under the treatment of a regular doctor, to correct anemia, colds, high blood pressure caused by headaches and other diseases, and under the guidance of the doctor to use medication. People say that you should not take medicine during pregnancy, but if you are really sick, you should still go to the doctor and follow the doctor’s instructions. Nowadays, medicine is so advanced that there must be medicines that protect the mom and also don’t harm the baby, so that you don’t feel so bad.

(ii) Adopt good dietary and resting habits

During pregnancy, you should develop good dietary habits, do not consume too much food high in salt and sugar, and eat small meals to prevent hypoglycemia. Avoid drinking strong tea and coffee, rest on time, ensure enough sleep, keep your mind calm, avoid emotional excitement, and remember not to stay up late. Otherwise the baby is also easy to get into the habit, then it will be trouble. Choose the right pillow when sleeping.


(iii) Avoid fatigue

In many cases, if the pregnant mom is very tired, she will also experience headaches. In the early stage of pregnancy, make sure to get enough sleep and minimize tiring work, which can also reduce the possibility of headache during pregnancy, or you can take some health medicines under the guidance of the doctor to prevent headache during pregnancy.

03Tips for coping with headaches during pregnancy

(i) Ice compresses

If you are experiencing a tension headache, then either a cold or hot compress can be applied, placing a cold or hot towel on the forehead or the lower part of the skull. If you have a migraine, then a cold compress will be more effective.


(ii) Take a shower

If you suddenly feel a headache, you can take a shower to relieve it. If you are not in a position to take a shower, you can also wash your face with cold water.


(iii) Deep Breathing

Deep breathing can change our breathing rate and pattern. We can soothe a headache by stimulating our body’s parasympathetic nervous system with deep breathing and triggering a calming response, which lowers our heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension, taking our focus away from stress or pain as well.


(iv) Head Massage

l Using your fingertips, start at the outer corners of your eyes.

l Slowly work your way up and around the ears.

l Find the bone behind the ear and touch the edge of the bone behind the ear.

l Push down slowly until you reach the bottom of the occipital bone.

Repeat from the outer corner of the eye up to the temple.

Repeat again from the temple upwards.

l Push upward from the starting point to the top of the head as the starting point.

(v) Light weight training

As long as the doctor has not prohibited exercise, pregnant mothers are advised to do some lightweight exercises.

① Walking



④Simple Yoga


We hope that every pregnant mom, while harboring a beautiful vision for her unborn baby, will pay more attention to pregnancy-related maladies, and pay more attention to herself and love herself.

The “Passing Tips” for Pregnant Mothers in Childbirth

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Assuming that the end of labor and pregnancy is a “copy of the task”, when the pregnant mother “passes the copy”, the baby’s loud cry is the best “pass the reward”.

However, for pregnant mothers experiencing labor for the first time, it can be a long process. From contractions to the full open may take 11-12 hours, the mouth of the uterus to the delivery of the fetus usually need 1-2 hours, a very small number of mothers also need more time, so the delivery is a protracted battle. The next step is to bring a “delivery strategy” for all mothers-to-be, hoping to help pregnant mothers successfully “pass”!

01go in for a copy

When does the “labor copy” actually start?

Regular contractions are a sign that labor is approaching. If the contractions become regular, 5-6 minutes apart, and last 15-30 seconds each time, it means labor is about to begin. This is the time for expectant mothers and fathers to get ready and report to the hospital with our “accompanying equipment” – the waiting bag.

02boss fight

After the labor replica opens, the main replica question for pregnant mothers is how to properly respond to contractions. During labor, the pain and discomfort felt by the mother is mainly caused by contractions, but contractions, as the main force of labor, are a necessary condition for delivery and last throughout the entire labor process. As labor progresses, contractions will be shorter in interval, longer in duration, and stronger in intensity.

Although contractions can be a real turn-off for many mothers, we can release our “skills” to ease the pain. Music therapy, acupressure, Lamaze breathing, and free positions are all very effective and easy to implement non-pharmacological analgesic methods. Pregnant mothers can learn, study and practice these skills during pregnancy. You can also do some simple midwifery exercises to help relieve pain.

1, sumo deep squat

Hands on the wall or grab the table fixed, to prevent the center of gravity when doing the action is not stable fall. Legs as far apart as possible to do deep squatting action. Move slowly to maintain the center of gravity, repeat 10 times.

2、Alternating Arrow Squat

Hands braced against the wall to fix it and prevent the center of gravity from falling. Legs apart, center of gravity to the left, left leg bent, right leg straight hooked toes, then recover. Perform the other side of the action. Left and right once for a group, repeat 10 times.

When the uterine opening reaches 2cm, pregnant mothers can get a “super prop” – labor analgesia. Within 5-15 minutes after the anesthesiologist has successfully placed the tube and added medication, pregnant mothers will feel significant pain relief.

03NPC and Pass Rewards

During labor and delivery, the mother will also meet many “NPCs” – your obstetrician, midwife, doula, charge nurse, etc. Professional obstetricians, nurses and midwives will dynamically observe and monitor the condition of the mother and the baby in the womb, as well as provide continuous assistance and care. Professional obstetricians, nurses and midwives will dynamically observe and monitor the condition of the mother and the baby in the womb, as well as the progress of the labor process, while providing continuous assistance and care.

When the mother passes the test, that is, after the baby is born, this “copy” will be finished, and the mother can hold the baby and her husband to savor the excitement and emotion of being a first-time mother (father).

Health Guide丨How middle-aged and elderly people exercise to maintain muscle mass

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Muscle, the body’s key reserve to stay healthy. From the age of 35, muscle stores go downhill fast, losing at a rate of 0.3 to 0.8% per year. At the age of 80, muscle may be less than half of what it was when you were young, and if you don’t intervene in time for the loss of muscle fibers, you will not only increase the risk of fracture, but will also threaten the health of vital organs. Exercise is the easiest way to maintain muscle mass, and every older adult should understand, try, and participate in strength training.

01Benefits of Strength Training

1, increase excess oxygen consumption: that is, in the twenty-four hours after training, the body will continue to consume calories, for aerobic training, often immediate consumption of calories, while for strength training, calorie consumption will last 24 hours.

2, enhance the resting metabolic rate: strength training will allow the body to increase muscle mass, in order to effectively improve the “resting metabolic rate”. According to relevant studies, muscle mass is metabolically active, every pound of LBM, the resting metabolic rate will increase by about 6 calories. It’s not a lot, but for the fitness novice, it slowly builds up. That being said, it goes a long way towards weight management and our overall health.

3, enhance bone density: strength training will exert pressure on the bones, which can effectively improve bone density, greater strength will produce greater results.

4, the prevention of cardiovascular disease, improve mood: there are many benefits of strength training, but also effective in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, according to relevant surveys show that adherence to strength training helps to reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve blood lipids overall health indicators, and even improve mood.

02Training Principles for the Middle-aged and Older Adults

Suggested 40 minutes after meals, the training process to no pain and discomfort as a principle, if there is pain and discomfort and other conditions, training should be stopped immediately.

Choose the right tool: kettlebell looks like a teapot like dumbbells, but it is different from dumbbells, more different from barbells, although its appearance, but the use of quite a lot, for the elderly, can be considered a very friendly strength equipment.

Training notes: 1, training may appear slight shortness of breath; 2, the relevant muscles will have a sense of pulling and soreness, is a normal phenomenon.

For middle-aged and elderly people, in addition to the necessary aerobic exercise, strength training is not to be ignored. This explanation of the action training is suitable for the elderly home or field practice, to improve body strength, prevent muscle atrophy, enhance immunity and prevent falls. Hurry up and get moving!

Kettlebell single-arm rowing

Take a shoulder-width position, bend over and keep your knees flexible. Grasp the kettlebell with one hand and pull the kettlebell to the top position while trying to keep tension on your elbow to your side as you move upward. Switch to the other hand when you’re done. Exhale up and inhale to return; repeat the exercise.

Kettlebell One-Arm Lift

Stand naturally, hold the kettlebell in one hand, lift the kettlebell upward, exhale upward, inhale to restore, repeat the exercise.

Farmer’s Walk

Prepare to lift the kettlebell with your back straight, obliques kept tight and strong, scapulae kept stable, and do static contractions throughout. During the walk, keep your core stable, don’t hunch over, always keep your upper body weight-bearing and your lower body moving smoothly. During the walking process, always keep a small stride length and move steadily forward.

Warm up sufficiently before the start of training, choose the right weight for you according to your training goals and ability, don’t stop immediately after training, remember to stretch and relax.

Preventing high blood pressure starts with a healthy diet~

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At present, China’s patients affected by hypertension affected by hypertension disease, and still to 10 million per year growth rate in the increase in the number of cardiovascular deaths, more than half of the number of deaths are related to hypertension. Hypertension can be said to be a wider range of national health impact on the invisible killer, to prevent hypertension disease, the situation is grim, in our daily life, can be from the table, from changing the diet.

Chinese cuisine is profound, in our traditional culture, “food therapy” occupies a large part. At present, all kinds of health restaurants in the catering market is very hot, dietary health has also become a topic of discussion, how can we improve our diet in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, how about starting from the following points.

01A bag of milk a day

We have noticed in our lives that Europe and the United States are much fitter than we are. This is related to the fact that they began to drink milk in the early 20th century. Currently, our 00s, height began to generally increase, but also with the modern society to live well, pay attention to the daily milk supplement. Milk is rich in nutrients, and a variety of nutrients can ensure that our daily life needs. For the prevention of high blood pressure, the richness of calcium plays a key role. WHO recommends that people should ensure that the daily intake of 800mg, but in the traditional diet, our dining habits can only ensure that 500mg, so it is essential to ensure that a bag of milk every day. If some friends have lactose intolerance, then you can switch to yogurt.

02No more than 250 grams of carbohydrates

Each person’s exercise or consumption is different, appropriate adjustment of carbohydrate intake is necessary, here 250g intake is the average person a day required intake, if the labor is particularly large, or exercise than the average person a lot of friends, you should properly increase the amount of carbohydrate intake. 250g of carbohydrates is equivalent to 300g of staple food. This data shows that we need to eat less staple food in our daily life, do not eat too full. Especially office workers, sedentary people, usually less exercise, or diabetic groups, control the intake of carbohydrates, to control the body’s own blood glucose, blood lipids, blood pressure are good, can better prevent and control the “three highs”. In daily life eating habits, breakfast and Chinese food can be eaten more, to the dinner will be appropriate to reduce the staple food, reduce late-night snacks.

03Eat more high quality protein

Protein is a nutrient that the body needs, and the milk mentioned earlier contains a lot of it. For the prevention of high blood pressure, it is very important to choose high-quality proteins. Currently, fish protein is the most suitable for the body’s needs, in addition to soy products in the plant protein is also quite important to the body, and more easily absorbed. Meat protein try to choose red meat-based, such as lean meat, beef, lamb, etc., to avoid excessive meat fat intake. Egg white is also a common quality protein in our lives and is by far the most consumed level of protein in the country.

04Eat more roughage and fewer meals

Today’s food market is full of varieties and are dominated by fine products. Increasing the intake of coarse grains is a more frequently mentioned topic in healthy eating. Although the market business in order to enhance the taste, most of the food is very beautifully done, the taste is also very good, but the oil, sugar, salt content is generally high, if the intake of too much, it will cause a relatively large burden on our body. From the point of view of preventing high blood pressure, less oil, less salt and less sugar is more beneficial to the health of the body. And can not eat too full, you can eat more meals, with appropriate exercise, to increase our body’s own consumption, if not consume too much energy, will cause obesity, followed by a variety of “rich people’s disease”, which also includes high blood pressure.

05Eat more fruits and vegetables

For friends who are picky eaters and only love meat, pay attention. Eat more vegetables and fruits for reducing blood pressure has many benefits, the right amount of fruits and vegetables will not burden our blood pressure, on the contrary, there are many fruits and vegetables to lower blood pressure has an auxiliary effect, apples, celery and other such common vegetables and fruits are very healthy fruits and vegetables, more fruits and vegetables can also increase the dietary fiber, which helps the intestinal peristalsis, enhance the body’s metabolism.

Summary: Although the prevalence of high blood pressure is developing towards a younger age, it is still very easy to prevent and control high blood pressure as long as we eat reasonably and exercise appropriately. Keep a normal mindset and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the disease will naturally stay away from you.


Joints and knees are protesting when you don’t warm up before a run!

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For many of my friends, their warm-up is to lace up their shoes and just start running. It may not be very clear what to do for warm-up activities and how to do warm-up exercises in a correct and standardized way. Today, I’ll take you through warming up before running~

01The role of warming up

1. Warming up before running can reduce the risk of injury. Warming up can help our body prepare for running in advance and better master the skills of running, thus reducing the risk of physical injury.


2. It can improve running performance. Activating our body in advance by warming up can help us improve the quality and level of our running. You will find a big difference between running after warming up and running without warming up.


3. It can also help with mental preparation. Many people think that warming up just helps the body get ready. In fact, this is not the case. Warming up before running can also improve our mental level and prepare our body and mind to a certain extent.

02Consequences of not warming up before running

1. Increase the chance of injury. Especially when running, if we don’t warm up in advance, it is difficult for our body to stretch out, and it will be easy to have cramps and muscle strains, and in serious cases, it will lead to heart damage.


2. Joint injuries Although running is simple, it is a very big test for your knees. In the long run, it will lead to knee pain, and the knee may also cause fluid retention or synovitis.

03How to warm up

The following eight simple pre-running warm-up moves will stretch the major muscle groups during exercise. Through these actions, you can more comprehensive exercise to the running needs of the relevant muscle groups, so as to achieve the effect of warming up. If you spend ten minutes warming up before running, you can effectively avoid all kinds of sports injuries.

Open and Close Jumps

A classic physical training movement that effectively activates the lateral gluteal muscles, internal femoral retractors and shoulder muscle groups.

Suggested practice: 30 seconds to 40 seconds.

High leg raises

We can activate the hip flexors (iliopsoas, rectus femoris, etc.) in preparation for running. Those who are fit can go straight to the fast high leg lifts, while running beginners can perform slow “in place” exercises (making sure to lift the leg as high as possible).

Suggested practice: 30 seconds to 40 seconds.

Rear Kick

This movement is used to stretch the quadriceps (the muscle group on the front side of the thigh that improves mobility) which is relatively easy to do.

Suggested practice: repeat the run for 10-15 meters, shifting direction.

Straight Leg High Reach

Used to improve flexibility of the posterior leg muscle groups and prevent hamstring injuries and strains.

Suggested practice: run 10-15 meters in repetitions, switching directions.


Lunge Squat

The lunge squat is a movement that is similar to running in terms of movement and is often chosen as the final integration of the warm-up.

Suggested practice: 15-20 reps per side.

Side Leg Press

This movement is used to develop hip mobility and pull the adductor muscle groups while improving gluteal activity.

Suggested practice: 10 to 15 reps per side.

Standing Heel Lift

Improves calf muscle mobility and Achilles tendon strength by fully stretching the gastrocnemius and flabby muscles.

Suggested practice: 10 to 15 repetitions on each side.

Lateral Running Rotation

Develops trunk range of motion, improves adductors and hip movement and ankle flexibility.


Warming up before running is very important, you must pay attention to it, do not because of the convenience and ease of the moment and lay hidden dangers for future health.

Mothers-to-be look over, long fetus does not grow meat, should eat like this

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In a woman’s life, pregnancy is a very unforgettable and critical life experience. After pregnancy, both themselves and their families will become very important in order to make the fetus develop better, especially the elders of the family. Following the ancient tradition, always try to stew tonic and do food for the mother-to-be tonic. However, often the tonic is overdone, resulting in excessive obesity in the mother-to-be, and fetal development is too large, resulting in difficulties in childbirth.

01Conventional wisdom should be changed

Many expectant mothers have this experience, in fact, already eaten enough, but the family will still persuade to eat more. In fact, this concept is wrong, in the process of pregnancy, pregnant women should be controlled in the weight gain of about 25 pounds to be a reasonable range.

02What should I eat when I’m pregnant? How to eat?

Expectant mothers are a special group; we need to pay more attention than usual to the diet. What should be pursued is a reasonable combination of nutrition, rather than trying to eat more; eat everything.

(a) Supplement high-quality protein

Protein not only improves the mother-to-be’s nutrition and immunity but also constitutes the main source of fetal organs and tissues. While rich in high-quality proteins, it also promotes the development of the baby’s brain and bones. Especially after mid-pregnancy, which is a critical period for the development of the baby, the intake of quality protein can be increased appropriately.

(b) Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential micronutrients for the functioning of our body. The importance of vitamins during pregnancy is known to mothers-to-be as compared to folic acid; after all, many pregnant women start preparing folic acid during the preparation for pregnancy. Since many expectant mothers think that meat dishes are more nutritious and neglect the importance of vegetables, therefore, in the daily diet, you should increase the intake of vegetables. For example, green vegetables, radish, winter melon, and other vegetables contain a large number of vitamins and minerals, which is conducive to the development of the baby.

(c) Calcium and iron supplementation are important.

After entering mid-pregnancy, the fetus will develop rapidly. At this time, the fetus has nutritional needs, and many mothers-to-be will experience anemia and calcium deficiency. The main cause of anemia is iron deficiency, and for babies, iron deficiency may cause preterm delivery. The same fetal development of calcium demand is also very large; at this stage, you can eat more dairy products, spinach, kelp, a moderate amount of animal offal, and so on.

(d) Eating fruits should be controlled

Both the old man and the mother-to-be think that eating more fruits is good for the baby. This subjective factor is correct, but can not eat without restraint. Because the fruit contains a lot of sugar, eat too much, energy consumption does not turn into fat accumulation in the body, in addition will cause pregnant women’s high blood sugar, or worse, will trigger diabetes during pregnancy, easy to cause the mother-to-be in the process of production of more risk.

To summarize: Overall, it is important to have a scientific mix of nutritional intake during pregnancy, but not to overeat without restraint. In addition, the mother-to-be should also pay attention to the importance of exercise. In short, keep a happy mood + scientific diet + reasonable exercise is the key to long fetus not long meat.

What to do when the “Grim Reaper” arrives! Preventing “sudden death” starts with small things.

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In recent years, the word “sudden death” has begun to enter our consciousness with the unfortunate news of young people dying suddenly after working late at night. Although “sudden death” is scary, it can only be avoided by facing it squarely.

01What is sudden death?

Sudden death, as we know it, is a sudden death, according to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), a person who is usually healthy or appears to be healthy, dies suddenly within a short period of time due to a natural disease, and this so-called “short period of time” is the time from the onset of the disease to the time of death, there is no universally accepted standard, the WHO definition is 6 hours, but there are also some views that it is within 1 hour, 12 hours and 24 hours. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as 6 hours, but there are some opinions that it is within 1 hour, 12 hours and 24 hours.


According to some data, the number of sudden deaths in China is as high as 550,000 per year, which means that every minute there is a Chinese compatriot who suffers from sudden death. Clinically, sudden deaths are categorized into cardiac and non-cardiac sudden deaths, of which cardiac sudden deaths account for 70%-80% of the total number of sudden deaths.

02What causes sudden death?

Generally speaking, patients with a family history of heart disease, patients with coronary heart disease, patients with “three highs” (i.e., high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes mellitus) and a large number of smokers, drinkers of poor dietary habits are most likely to die suddenly.


But at the same time, busy work, mental stress, often stay up late, emotional fluctuations, physical exhaustion, will also aggravate the coronary artery pain savage lead to acute myocardial infarction sudden death. As a programmer, how many days and nights to update the product, fix the bugs, not only the hairline crazy backward, but also become “sudden death” high-risk group.

Clinical findings of many sudden deaths, have experienced high-intensity working conditions, some data show that people who work more than 60 hours a week are twice as likely to have an acute myocardial infarction as those who work no more than 40 hours. In addition to the hazards of staying up late for sudden death is also quite obvious, studies have shown that people who do not sleep more than 5 hours a night, the risk of acute myocardial infarction is 6-8 hours of sleep people 2-3 times, in addition to sudden death, hypertension, diabetes, depression and other diseases are also closely related to sleep deprivation.

03What are the signs before sudden death?

What are the signs before sudden deathSudden death is a sudden death, but before the onset of the body will also send a signal to the patient, usually manifested as a faster heart rate, chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, numbness of the limbs and so on.


Of course, the above symptoms do not necessarily appear by chance is a sign of sudden death, may be due to mood, tiredness, but if the frequency of more and more frequent, we should pay enough attention.

Especially nowadays, many young people are suffering from different degrees of cardiovascular diseases, like arrhythmia, hyperthyroidism and so on. If coupled with prolonged over-fatigue, late night, it may lead to acute cerebral hemorrhage, cardiac arrest, causing sudden death.

04How to prevent sudden death

Sudden death is scary, but we can change our habits to prevent it and stop it from happening to a great extent.


1. allow yourself to have enough rest time every day, try to maintain 6 hours of sleep.

2. eat a light, low-fat diet, and control the three highs (high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and high blood sugar).

3. smoke less, drink less, and quit when necessary.

4. Exercise in moderation, which can effectively improve physical health and develop cardiorespiratory function.

5. Maintain a good state of mind, learn to release pressure, smooth emotions and avoid anxiety and depression.

Remember that life is above all else, and take care of yourself even if you have a busy life.