Eczema during pregnancy is itchy and uncomfortable?4 Tips to Help You Solve Your Worries

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Pregnant mothers have escaped pregnancy vomiting and embryonic instability in the first few months, but they find that there are always a lot of small rashes on their bodies inexplicably, which are nourishing and difficult to bear, and seriously disturbing the daily life of pregnant mothers, so why do they inexplicably grow eczema during pregnancy?

01How to tell if you have eczema during pregnancy

Eczema is usually more common in the early to mid-pregnancy period, before the 28th week. It is usually characterized by dry skin, intense itching, and some pregnant mothers may even scratch the skin and ooze. Eczema is usually found in flexed joints, such as elbows, back of knees, thighs, armpits, neck and other locations.

02What to do if you have eczema during pregnancy

Due to the increased sensitivity of the skin during pregnancy, coupled with some mental stressors, many pregnant mothers experience eczema during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers with a personal history of atopic diseases, such as seasonal rhinitis and asthma, are relatively more common. But don’t worry too much, eczema has no serious impact on the health and development of the fetus, only some babies will inherit their mother’s allergies.

03What to do if you have eczema during pregnancy and scratch the skin

Eczema is itchy and tends to cause scratching or even scratching of the skin. When this happens, consider strengthening the protection and care of the eczema area.

1、Pay attention to the cleanliness of the scratched parts

Wash directly with water, pay attention to clean the dirt and visible particles in the scratched area, and dry it after washing to prevent infection.

2, pay attention to the protection of the scratched parts

You can apply moisturizing cream, such as petroleum jelly, to the eczema area, which has a certain protective and isolating effect and can also promote the healing of the skin at the scratched area. If the scratched area is obvious, or easy to contact with other dirty things, you can use medical sterile dressing or medical gauze to cover the wound, to protect the broken part of the skin, so that it will heal without interference.

04How to prevent eczema during pregnancy

1, pay attention to ventilation, reduce contact with allergens

Every day, open the windows regularly to ventilate the room, usually pay attention to regular indoor thorough cleaning. In addition, bed sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers should also be changed and washed frequently, and placed in the sun, can be disinfected and sterilized.

2, pay attention to health, change clothes

Skin is easily stimulated during pregnancy, not only intimate apparel should be changed and washed, but also pay attention to skin hygiene, try to wear loose cotton underwear, to reduce the stimulation of the skin. Avoid using too hot or too cold water to wash the skin, moderate temperature is good, after bathing can be localized rubbing cream to moisturize the skin.

3、Eliminate possible contact factors

For example, fish, shrimp, crab, paint, pollen, dust mites at home, animal hair, cosmetics, synthetic fiber clothing.

4、Keep your mood relaxed and do more exercise

Excessive anxiety and tension during pregnancy can cause imbalance in the body’s hormone secretion and regulation, which may induce eczema, and may aggravate this mental mood after the emergence of eczema, so it is important to keep your mood relaxed during pregnancy. At the same time, you can also do more exercise to enhance their own resistance, can prevent the occurrence of eczema, exercise is also conducive to keep the mood relaxed. Pregnant mothers can do the following exercises to keep the mood relaxed.

Yoga for pregnant women: adherence to yoga accelerates the collective metabolic capacity, which is beneficial to the health of pregnant mothers and has great benefits for an easy delivery.

Walking: after meals pregnant mothers can also go for a walk, can increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote food digestion, relieve constipation, can enhance the health of pregnant mothers, promote the birth.

Climbing stairs: you can climb stairs when you have free time to strengthen your abdominal muscles, lumbar muscles and pelvic floor muscles, enhance your physical fitness, and also avoid edema and high blood pressure during pregnancy, so that the fetus, pelvic joints and muscles can be exercised, and prepare for the smooth birth of the baby.

Pregnant mothers encounter some problems during pregnancy do not need to panic, you can find more doctors to talk about understanding their own body body oh, so that the baby and you can be healthy.

What can you do to recover from a herniated disk in this younger generation?

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Nowadays, many young people, young because of long-term sitting work, resulting in lumbar disc herniation. 30 years of age has a 70-year-old back, serious need to do lumbar fusion in order to improve the lumbar disc herniation, so what are the fusion surgery?

01Common Procedures for Lumbar Fusion

1. Posterolateral fusion

Posterolateral fusion has also been used earlier; this procedure is simple and easier to expose and maneuver. However, it also has disadvantages, that is, it is not possible to treat the intervertebral space during the procedure and it is not possible to solve the pain of disc origin. So, these should be taken into consideration while applying it, otherwise it will not be able to cure the patient completely.

2、Intervertebral fusion

Interbody fusion is widely used and it is much more stable, with a very high fusion rate of the implants, and it also restores the height of the intervertebral space, which helps to relieve pressure on the nerve roots.


360° fusion is a combination of multiple fusion techniques that can be used for more complex lumbar spine disorders, and the cure rate is still very high.

02What you should do after surgery to recover as quickly as possible

Action 1: side bridge


Movements: The movement is a side-lying style, one side of the arm is bent, the small arm and the ground close together, the big arm and the small arm is at an angle of 90 °, the hand is in the shape of a fist. The other side of the arm up, and shoulder level, palm open, five fingers together.

The head is in an upright position, not swinging from side to side. The knee of the leg on the side with the bent arm should be resting on the ground, the calf bent backward and in a 90° foot with the thigh, and the other leg in the same position as this one and overlapping. Repeat this movement on the left and right sides. Repeat this action, do 2 sets each time, one set hold for 20 seconds.

Action 2: standing pull-up

Movement essentials: the movement for the standing position, the elastic band on the side of the body of one end fixed on the ground, two arms open and shoulder width, two hands holding the elastic band. Arms from the side of the body diagonally down, to the diagonal diagonal upward, while keeping the body stable, do not shake. Repeat the exercise on the left and right sides for a duration of around 20 seconds. Repeat this movement, doing 2 sets at a time, with one set containing ten movements.

Action three: deep squat

Action points: the action for the standing position, the upper body to remain upright, hands crossed in front of the chest, palms open, feet stand apart, and shoulder width, toes facing forward, and then slowly downward deep squat. However, in the course of this action must pay attention to the direction of the knees when squatting, should face the direction of the toes, so that the knees are not damaged.

If you are not facing the right way, you will feel pain inside your knee, and this is the time to stop immediately and switch the angle until it does not hurt. Repeat the exercise for about 20 seconds. Repeat this movement for 2 sets each time, one set containing ten movements.

All three of these movements can be used for exercise purposes, and contacting them two to three times a day, 40 minutes after a meal, will help to repair the muscles after lumbar fusion surgery. It strengthens the core against rotation and improves the stability of the body.

3 simple tricks to create a careful! Become a sexy goddess in seconds~

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As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the bones but not in the skin”, a person’s beauty lies in the shape of the bones rather than the skin. Bone shape in aesthetics generally refers to the skull, face bone, eyebrow bone, etc., but there is a well-known, special existence – collarbone.

The clavicle, also known as the beauty bone, is located in the upper front of the thorax, across the junction of the neck and chest. There are many types of collarbones, including one-word type, U-word type, V-word type and wing type. A few years ago, there was a fire “collarbone put coins”, “backhand touch navel” challenge, visible public on the collarbone, the pursuit of small waist and recognition is very enthusiastic. Maybe we do not have the beauty of the stars, but we can also create a careful mechanism to have an enviable collarbone, have a sexy little label, enhance the value of personal charm.

How many other people think that if you lose weight you will have a collarbone? Always on the road to lose weight, but do not know that in fact there are people even if thin down does not show the collarbone. This is why?

01Reasons for an inconspicuous clavicle

First of all, it can be considered due to localized fat accumulation, this type of need for shoulder, neck, arm combination of targeted training, for shoulder clavicle shaping has a certain effect.

Second, is due to the clavicle dysplasia caused by this situation, usually can be appropriate to supplement some calcium-rich foods, such as soy products, shrimp, kelp, but also to add the sports training, to promote bone development.

Third, the consideration for the long-term body posture is not correct, round shoulders and thick back caused by over-developed trapezius muscle, other parts of the muscle is too weak, the accumulation of subcutaneous fat caused by the clavicle does not show. This type of situation is the first to face up to consciously correct bad habits, but also indispensable targeted training to help the clavicle revealed.

In fact, the collarbone does not have to be very thin people can have, even if the body a little meat, but also through targeted training to prevent it from being drowned in fat, if the pursuit of the collarbone and excessive weight loss will seriously affect the health.

02Get your clavicle.

Action 1: Hand touching ear touching elbow


Action points: two hands touch their ears, the two elbows as far as possible to touch together. Note that when doing the whole thing to keep the core tight, never shrug your shoulders.


A group to do 15, do two groups, can be slower, not too fast. After a group can slightly relax and rest before doing the second group.


Movement 2: Double Arm Circle

The main points: stretch the arms flat, first forward around 15 circles, and then changed to backward around 15 circles. Note that this action is still to pay attention to the whole process to keep the core tight, never shrug your shoulders, and do not rely on the inertia of the arm to go around. One group to do 15, do two groups.

Movement 3: Rear Arm Raise

Action points: pull the two hands together behind you, and then lift up one by one. When doing this action, we must not quite the stomach, and do not put your ribs also quite out, that is very easy to cause the ribs to turn out. The same is also a group of 15, do two groups.


After doing so, we can massage stretching, when pulling, you can use your hands to press the location of the soreness at the same time, to maximize the stretching of our neck and trapezius, but also pay attention to the strength of the action as slow and gentle as possible, do not over-exert yourself, so as not to cause injury.


The above action is very simple, not only to collect, but more importantly, move up Oh ~!

Miscarriage prevention tips, do these baby safe and healthy~

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Pregnant mothers are careful during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, because the embryo bed is still unstable, if strenuous exercise or bumps may lead to miscarriage. Some human factors cause miscarriage, we can try to avoid. Miscarriage can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy.

01Healthy and balanced diet

A healthy diet will lead to a healthier pregnant mom and a healthier development of the fetus in her belly. Don’t drink alcohol, and don’t have more than one or two cups of caffeinated beverages in the US. Meanwhile, expectant mothers can take at least 400 milligrams of folic acid every day while they are pregnant, starting in the first trimester of pregnancy and continuing throughout the pregnancy.

02Stay in a good mood.

Keeping a pregnant mom in a good and happy mood allows her body and muscles to relax and can keep her body healthy. It is also more conducive to natural childbirth.

03regular exercise

Keeping exercise during pregnancy can improve the survival rate of the fetus, it will also be helpful for the pregnant mother’s own physical fitness, and it will also make the fetus develop healthier, and the most important point is that it will also make the pregnant mother give birth faster when she finally delivers the baby. So pregnant mothers can do some appropriate exercise when pregnant to keep themselves in better condition. Besides daily walks and yoga, you can also do some exercises.

Movement 1: Supine Adductor Stretch

Lie on your back on a yoga mat, open your legs to the sides, press down as far as possible to touch the yoga mat, the palms of your feet relative to each other, so that you can stretch to the thigh muscle groups, hold for 15~30 seconds.

Note: Keep breathing, do not hold your breath. Do not stretch too hard.

Movement 2: Seated Adductor Stretch

Sit on the yoga mat, legs open, press down, knees try to touch the yoga mat, body lean forward, thigh muscles feel pulled tight, hold 15-30 seconds, do 3-5 times.

Note: Keep breathing, do not hold your breath. Do not stretch too hard.

Movement 3: Clam Opening and Closing

Side lying on the yoga mat, legs bent, exhale, tighten the abdomen, and then above the knee slowly upward, inhale back to the original position. 10 / group, each side of the lower limbs of 3 groups, and then change the opposite side of the lower limbs of the clam open and close.

Note: inhalation bulging stomach, exhalation abdominal contraction, do not breathe action to reverse Oh.

Movement 4: Glute Bridge

Lie on your back with your body fully relaxed on a yoga mat, legs bent and feet touching the floor. Hold a yoga block between your knees. Then the buttocks are lifted and the shoulders, pelvis and knees should be in the same straight line.

Note: Lift your butt on the exhale and return to the original position on the inhale. Shoulders, pelvis and knees should be in the same straight line

04Watch out for abdominal safety

Pregnant women must be aware of abdominal safety and avoid risky sports, such as skiing, ball games and other contact sports. Abdominal hands can have potentially irreversible consequences for the baby in the womb, which may result in deformities or even miscarriage.


Pregnant mothers can learn more about the causes of miscarriage to help protect the health of the fetus. If there is a history of previous miscarriage and it is known to be caused by an autoimmune response or hormonal imbalance, the underlying problem needs to be treated in advance, and once pregnancy occurs, a full complement of prenatal care and testing should be performed as soon as possible and at an early age in order to increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Searching for the best fitness space designer in Greater China!HARISON&Kukongjian The 2nd National Fitness Space Design Competition 2023

What needs to be supplemented at each stage of pregnancy, see it once~

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For the pregnant population, the diet structure must be adjusted accordingly. So how exactly should a woman eat after pregnancy is standardized?

01 early pregnancy

Fetal growth and development are retarded during this period, and the physiology of pregnant women has undergone a series of adjustments. Most pregnant women at this time often due to changes in the endometrium, the placenta secretion of hormones, resulting in decreased gastrointestinal smooth muscle tone, decreased vitality, so that the food retained in the stomach increased time, often nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite and other symptoms, affecting the meal. Therefore, in this stage of the mother-to-be do not need to deliberately let themselves eat more things, for often feel greasy, loss of appetite pregnant mothers to come, really do not have to make things difficult for themselves, rather than looking at the big fish and meat fatigue, as well as a little bit to eat some of their favorite foods.


Eat small meals, eat more easily digestible light food, avoid too greasy and stimulating food. Try to pick your favorite food within the appropriate range. Dietary items need to ensure a high quality protein supply, inorganic salts and vitamins need to be sufficient in quantity.

Early pregnancy should also emphasize the intake of folic acid, which is related to the development of the fetal nervous system. Many natural foods are rich in folic acid, you can choose green vegetables for supplementation such as spinach, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, etc., or animal livers and kidneys, beans, fruits (bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc.), and dairy products are rich in folic acid.


At this time the early pregnancy reaction has been terminated, fetal growth issue accelerated, nutritional varieties should pay attention to both meat and vegetables, coarse and fine with the food varieties should be diversified. Avoid picky eating and partiality, in order to prevent minerals and trace elements insufficient. Should fully guarantee the intake of calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein, vitamins and so on.


Grain and cereals should be consumed in sufficient quantity (400-450 grams a day). In addition to rice and flour, you can also eat some mixed grains, such as millet, corn, oatmeal, B vitamins and some amino acids are usually higher in mixed grains than in rice.

Poultry meat, fish and other animal foods and soy products as a source of protein in the diet can be appropriate to increase the intake of 1-2 times a week of animal offal, kelp or seaweed, etc. to supplement the vitamins and some micronutrients. But don’t eat too much fried and greasy food to prevent yourself from gaining weight too quickly.


Green leafy vegetables are rich in carotene, B vitamins and VC, eat a certain amount of food every day, fruit is also necessary, but do not “replace vegetables with fruit. Eating dairy and soy products every day is very good for protein and especially calcium.

03late pregnancy

Storing up nutrition is especially important for mothers-to-be during the final stretch. Safe, healthy and sensible eating is a necessary prerequisite for the successful birth of the fetus. However, in order to avoid the fetus growing too large, some pregnant women who have gained too much weight should control their diet.


Increase the intake of calories, proteins and essential fatty acids, and limit the intake of carbohydrates and fats. Eat less of certain energy-containing foods such as sugar, honey and other sweets to prevent loss of appetite which may affect the intake of other nutrients.


Increase calcium and iron intake. Calcium supplementation can be preferred to dairy, fish and soy products; iron supplementation can choose shrimp, animal liver and animal blood, which can be eaten often. Control salt and water intake to avoid swelling.

Diets should be varied, safe and hygienic. In summary, through the reasonable nutritional diet to ensure that the normal nutritional needs of pregnant women between the mother and the fetus, for the healthy growth and development of the fetus is essential, pregnant women should pay great attention to the process of pregnancy.


Finally, after pregnancy, pregnant women must pay attention to the diet, for the nutritional elements needed at various stages of pregnancy to properly match the diet, only in this way can we achieve the purpose of maintaining the health of the fetus and their own.

The secret of postpartum mom’s “eternal youth”.

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Postpartum moms are finding that their skin is sagging, they are starting to lose hair, fat tends to hoard, and even fine lines are starting to appear around the eyes from all the hard work of bringing up a baby. Are these short-term phenomena caused by babywearing? Or are we just aging after giving birth. Is it possible to have a better body after giving birth than before? Is there a way to stay young forever? Today we will discuss this in detail.

01Is it true that you age after giving birth?

American postpartum aging scientific research shows that postpartum mom’s body chromosome telomeres will be shortened by 4.2%, which is equivalent to the body cells to accelerate the “aging” of 11 years. Chromosome telomeres will follow the increase in age, as well as cell division will become shorter and shorter, that is, the human body in the gradual “aging” of a body signal. The more children you have, the shorter your telomeres will be. As the telomeres shorten to a certain point, the body’s chromosomes can no longer replicate and the cells begin to age. But we have to understand that this kind of aging is not an aging of life expectancy, but an aging of the body’s state. So it’s true, you really do age after giving birth. Many postpartum moms feel the changes in their bodies.

02Exercises for postpartum recovery

There is no one-size-fits-all exercise program, and there is no one-size-fits-all exercise program. But in summary, the “forever young” exercise is strength training.


Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training allows postpartum mothers to increase muscle mass and decrease the rate of aging during the aging process. Strength training can improve the aging body’s ability to fight back. It can reduce fat, increase metabolism, and restore and maintain a good body shape. It can make our bones stronger and prevent osteoporosis while making the body more flexible. Strength training can reduce the probability of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


②Suggestions for strength training

If you have the conditions, you can go to the gym and follow the advice of professional trainers. If you train at home without using equipment, you can also choose to train with your own weights. Next, introduce a group of actions, the following each action 4 groups, each group of 12, each group rest interval of no more than 30 seconds, every day, more than a month will be able to see the results.


Unarmed squat

This action can be practiced legs and buttocks muscles, is the girls especially favorite thin legs posture. Feet apart, shoulder width apart, toes tilted outward 45 °, first bend the hip and then bend the knee. Lean your body forward slightly and don’t contain your chest.

Kneeling push-ups

Brace your hands on the ground, shoulder-width apart or slightly wider than that, and lift your calves up and cross your legs. Bend at the elbows, inhale underneath, then exhale and push to the starting position.


Feet apart, shoulder-width apart, left leg step forward in a lunge position, squatting while the knee of the front leg does not exceed the toes and the knee of the back leg does not touch the ground.

No one can “stay young forever”, but scientific exercise can make us stay young for a while longer. We are active sports, active life, the mind will also let you return to 18 years old.

Do this and you’ll get your butt back in no time.

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Although not everyone likes the Kardashian like buttocks, but the front and back of the body is still everyone’s desire. Many pregnant mothers after the birth of the buttocks become more meat, but very unattractive, other people’s is the “peach buttocks”, while their own can only be called “mother buttocks”. Why can the butt become so ugly after giving birth to a child? Many new moms probably have this problem.


01Mom Hip Formation

The cause of this situation is actually caused by the pelvis opening. When the pelvis opens, the muscles expand outward, resulting in poor blood circulation in the lower body, poor circulation in the pelvis, slow fat metabolism, slack hip muscles, hip fat will slowly push together, due to gravity, the hips will slowly sag and hypertrophy.


02The Dangers of Mommy Butt


1、It will cause pain around the sacrum and sacroiliac area

Due to pelvic flexion, abduction and external rotation, the iliac bone will be relatively anti-nodding, and the upper side of the pelvis will open and the lower side of the mouth will be closed, which in turn will lead to pelvic floor muscle laxity, visceral prolapse, and mommy buttocks. People with mommy buttocks also indicate prolapse of internal organs, imbalance and instability of intra-abdominal pressure, which can easily trigger pain around the sacrum and sacroiliac.


2, easy to trigger and aggravate constipation

Normal gluteal muscles are attached to the pelvis and maintain the stability of the pelvis. However, when the ilium is flexed, abducted and externally rotated, the acetabular fossa of the ilium is facing backward, so the state of the femur is also relatively externally rotated, and at this time the contracture of the externally rotated muscles will cause the cardinal pressure around the sacroiliac area, pain at the tail-bottom, pain in the sacroiliac area, and the concavity of the two sides of the buttocks and the collapse of the buttocks, which will trigger and aggravate the constipation.


03How to get your butt back

1、Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic exercises, exercises are not limited by site, lying, sitting, standing can be carried out. This exercise can effectively restore the pelvic bone, reduce urinary incontinence, but also suitable for postpartum mothers to exercise pelvic muscle elasticity, which can also improve the accumulation of hip fat.


2、Following the course exercise

There is a postnatal recovery training course in the APP, which is specially designed to improve the mother’s buttocks, and the professional doctor will guide the course movements, so you can follow the course to improve the mother’s buttocks. If you don’t have time to watch the course, you can follow the following movements to train.


Action one:

The body is fully relaxed lying flat on a yoga mat, one side of the lower limbs flexed at the hip and knee and keep the opposite side of the lower limbs extended knee lifted off the ground, normal nose inhalation, exhalation contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, while lifting the hips, this time you can feel the pelvic floor muscles and gluteal muscle contraction. Then slowly lower your hips, try to keep your hips from touching the yoga mat, and repeat the process.

Action two:

The body is fully relaxed four-point kneeling position on the yoga mat, normal inhalation, exhale when the lower limbs on one side of the rapid extension of the hip flexion, while contracting the pelvic floor muscles and transverse abdominal muscles, and then quickly put down, and then exhale quickly raised, repeat the above process.

Action three:

Body whole body relaxation four-point kneeling position on the yoga mat, normal inhalation, exhalation of one side of the lower limbs to carry out rear extension – abduction and external rotation of the circle movement, repeat the above process.

Action Four:

Lie sideways on a yoga mat, with the lower elbows supporting and the upper limbs above on the side of the torso, so that the torso and both lower limbs are kept in the same straight line, inhale normally, and when you exhale, lift the torso vertically with the lower elbows and ankles, and then repeat the rapid breathing to maintain the torso upright for 1min, and then take a break for 30s.Alternate between the two sides.

3、With dietary control

Postpartum easy endocrine disorders, you can under the guidance of the doctor to carry out some checks, at the same time, we should develop good eating habits, diet to light, less oil and less salt, eat more protein-rich foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, to achieve a balanced diet. This can effectively reduce fat and is more conducive to improving mom hips.


Do it and get rid of your mom’s buttocks! It’s not a dream to return to your prenatal buttocks!

Can you exercise during pregnancy? Exercise During Pregnancy Makes Your Labor Easier

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We all know that pregnant mothers exercise during pregnancy, not only to keep the mood happy, but also to make all aspects of the body more adapted to labor and delivery, so that the process of labor and delivery will be smoother, but also will reduce the risk of difficult labor. In the absence of exercise contraindications, pregnant mothers can do some exercise during pregnancy, of which aerobic fitness is very pregnant mothers do.

01Aerobic Programs for Pregnancy Exercise

The key to aerobic exercise is to ensure that the exercise time, at least 3 to 4 times a week, each time at least 20 to 30 minutes. Pregnant mothers who do not use the basis of exercise can start from 10 minutes, and then slowly increase the length after adaptation. As with other exercises, the warm-up aspect of aerobic exercise should not be ignored. Warm-up exercises include stretching and warming up the major muscle groups, which can be done in the following ways.


Feet slightly divided, hands hanging naturally, the first step of the stride movement is to lift the knee, as much as possible within a moderate range, and then slowly fall, to form an exaggerated stride movement, pay attention to not manic feet, lift the height of the knee to be appropriate. In the process of the action, the abdomen, head up, chest out. You can add upper body swing to increase the intensity of the movement. Stick with it for a few minutes to achieve the purpose of warming up.


This includes both outdoor bike riding and indoor stationary bike fitness machines. Many doctors do not recommend outdoor cycling for pregnant women out of concern for their balance. You need to wear a helmet and enough water for outdoor cycling. You can also go out for a hike with your family. Indoor exercise bikes, on the other hand, do not require helmets and other amenities. Many of these bikes come with a variety of pre-programmed exercise modes to choose from, making them safe and suitable for pregnant mothers to train on.

Scooter Exercise

Scooting is a great workout. However, it is important to keep your balance and slow down during the exercise.

02Other fitness equipment

All home fitness equipment can be used for pregnancy cardio, such as treadmills and paddle machines. Pregnant women try to choose the undefined low-speed mode on these fitness equipment. Or turn off the computer controls and exercise at a speed that suits you.

Finishing Exercise

Aerobic exercise increases the intensity of cardio work and body temperature will increase accordingly. Finishing exercise is more important, through the finishing exercise, let the body slowly return to normal, not immediately after the exercise to lie down or sit down to rest, you can do the following finishing exercise.

Pelvic Exercise

This exercise is suitable for preventing and relieving back pain. Get on all fours, keep your spine level, and then tuck your pelvis in, driving your pubic bone toward your neck. Note that only the pelvic area is moved. You can experience the feeling of independent pelvic movement with the help of your family. Exercise 10 times as a group, do two groups. Try to do two more sets before going to bed.

Side Stretch

Lie on your side with your arm on the same side under your head and stretch as far as you can, stretching your body and legs at the same time. Feel a complete release of stress. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then switch to the other side.

Full Body Stretch

Similar to the Side Lying Stretch. Lie flat on your back, raise your arms above your head and stretch upwards, and extend your legs in the opposite direction.

Pregnant mothers after aerobic exercise and finishing exercise, will feel free, the mood will naturally become better, but in the exercise must pay attention to do not catch cold. Exercise can also make the postpartum recovery faster, so in order to be a hot mom, do not be lazy during pregnancy without exercise oh.

The secret to getting more energy the more you run turns out to be…

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Many people know that running can strengthen your body, keep you in shape, detoxify your body, and so on. In fact, there is another benefit of running that is overlooked by many people: increased energy.

01How Running Increases Energy

The key to our enhanced energy is to fully activate cellular vitality, because cells are the most basic life elements that make up a living organism, all body organs are made up of cells, and only with healthy cells can we build an energized body. The most important nutrient for cells is oxygen. When cells are supplied with sufficient oxygen, they are energized and the body glows with health. Moreover, oxygen is a key element for cells to oxidize and break down substances such as sugar and fat and release large amounts of energy.


To energize yourself, you need to create a healthy physical environment where oxygen is efficiently transmitted and absorbed, releasing large amounts of energy while fully activating your cells. Running is the key to achieving this.

02The Key to Proper Running – Correct Posture

Although running can help us improve our mental vitality quickly, but if you run in the wrong posture, instead of running, you will get worse. So what is the correct running posture?


We can analyze it from the following three aspects:


First look at the way of landing when running. If you run with a forefoot landing, the Achilles tendon and calf muscles can assist in slowing down the impact after landing. Help us to reduce the pressure on the joints and bones; to improve the strength of the calf muscles and Achilles tendon, so that they synergistically cushion the impact of the landing; do not appear excessive stride when running, to avoid the formation of shear stress leading to knee injuries.


Secondly, the knee should maintain a certain degree of bending when running. This allows the muscles to be utilized to relieve the impact when the foot hits the ground. If the knees are straight, the impact when the feet hit the ground falls back on the bones and joints.


Then you need to increase the speed of your stride. Step frequency, is the speed at which you alternate between landing on both feet. The longer your feet are off the ground, the greater the impact caused when you land, so the faster the stride frequency, the less impact caused when you land.

What is the appropriate pace for running? About 180 beats per minute. Many people do not know how to check their own running pace speed, you can wear a heart rate monitor when running, its cell phone can automatically display the pace speed, try to make the frequency in the process of running

Try to keep your cadence at 180 beats per minute.


Finally, try not to stomp the ground with your heels when running. We can observe that some students’ calf muscles are very large, which may be caused by using the calf too much when running, especially when the back foot pushes the ground. Moreover, if we stomp hard when running, it will increase the friction and make the heel stay on the ground for a longer time, which is equivalent to stepping on the brake and then starting again, and our running speed will not be fast enough.