How to Correctly Use HARISON MonicaFit-312 Massage Gun

Massage gun is a tool to relax the superficial fascia of human muscles.

After we exercise, fatigue and tension can cause fascia cramps, which is what we often call fasciitis, and feel muscle soreness, and the fascia gun can help improve this symptom.

Vibration can promote the recovery of muscles and surrounding soft tissues or eliminate fatigue, which indirectly affects tissue repair.

How to use HARISON MonicaFit-312 with Different Massage Heads

Flat tip

For the large muscle groups of the body, such as the hip muscles, arm muscles, and breast muscles.

Cone tip

Target small areas of the body, such as the inner side of the elbow, the palm of the hand, and the sole of the foot.

Round tip

It has the widest applicability and is suitable for whole body muscles.

Y-shaped tip

Need help from others to target the muscles around the spine.

Please note that the target of the massage gun is the muscle, as long as it is used in the right place, unnecessary accidents can be completely avoided.

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