Should you quit your job to prepare for pregnancy? Read this and decide!

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Preparing for pregnancy is a happy and agonizing thing, pregnancy will make some changes in the body and life. If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time without success, the pressure on women will increase, especially older women who are trying to get pregnant. Therefore, under the double influence of work pressure and fertility pressure, many women will begin to think about whether to quit their jobs to prepare for pregnancy.

Many people leave their jobs on impulse only to realize that there are actually better options available. Are there factors in the job that seriously affect pregnancy preparation, such as hours, physical intensity, and emotional stress. Are there other ways to solve the problem besides quitting, such as transferring to another job or taking time off. After determining that it is necessary to quit the job, are you prepared to do so, rather than quitting the job immediately and naked.

01Adequate Preparation for Quitting Your Job to Prepare for Pregnancy

After considering the necessity, only the first step has been completed, you still have to be fully prepared for the life after quitting.

1、Without working, will you still be able to work and rest regularly, and live a full and meaningful life every day?

2、Can your savings + partner’s income support your life for 3-5 years, or even after that?

2、If you still can’t get pregnant after quitting your job, including losing the sense of fulfillment, belonging, and social circle brought by your job, is there a way to relieve the greater stress and anxiety?

For all the above questions, has the partner fully considered and made a supportive decision?

If you can pat yourself on the back and say, no problem! Then rest assured that quitting your job to prepare for pregnancy at home will give you better exercise, rest, and a better environment to prepare for pregnancy. If you are not sure, or even have already beaten a retreat, in fact, there are good ways to prepare for pregnancy at work.

02Great ways to prepare for pregnancy on the job

The scientific preparation for pregnancy probably comes down to: a good environment + healthy shaping + a good mindset + the scientific use of ovulation, all of which are actually less related to being at home or at work. And the change of mindset of changing the habit of working is huge, the pressure of pregnancy preparation anxiety will rise exponentially.

In fact, compared to quitting or not quitting your job, preparing for pregnancy super requires regular exercise on both sides of the preparation, which is super beneficial to the quality of preparation. You can utilize the office space and rest time for effective exercise ~

Stairway Exercise

Find a stairwell in your building, use the bottom step as a tread and just move up and down on the tread. While exercising, maintain an appropriate frequency and be careful not to slip. Use the handrail next to the steps to stabilize your body if needed.

Seated Lumbar Front Stretching Exercise

Sit in a chair and lean forward at the waist, pulling to keep your chest close to your thighs as much as possible. Hold for 30 seconds until you feel a mild stretch in your lower back.

After reference to make your own choice, the choice is not divided into good and bad, only to their own choice is willing to bear the results on the good.

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