What to do about postpartum joint pain? A few tricks to help you relieve it~

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A few months or even six months from the birth of the baby, some mothers feel that one of the joints of the body will often be in pain, which is the common postpartum joint pain that many mothers experience after giving birth.

01Why are you prone to joint pain after giving birth?

1、 Nerve compression

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body circulating water overall increase, the ligaments in the wrist and other places will appear edema, which makes the nerves innervating the fingers are compressed, so the hand will produce numbness, pain symptoms.


2, too early to do heavy physical activity, cold

If a mother who has just given birth engages in some housework too early or too much, or carries a child for a long time, or touches too cold water, it will lead to overburdening of joints, tendons and ligaments.

3, less activity during the month

Many mothers in the period of menstruation seldom activities, some even have been lying in bed not move, which will make the original heel of the fat pad becomes weak, greatly weakened its support for the weight and sports shock absorption effect.

02What to do for joint pain relief

I. Minimize the activity of the painful area and pay more attention to rest.


When mothers feel the pain in the painful area is obvious, they should stop or slow down the activity immediately.


Second, the painful parts of the hot compresses, or warm baths

The temperature of the hot compresses should be 40~50℃, or you can soak the painful part in warm water;

It is recommended that each hot compress be applied for 20-30 minutes. The temperature should not be too high, and the time should not be too long, so as not to cause burns, the specific temperature and time maternal can be adjusted according to their own acceptance;

Third, massage or acupressure way to relieve

The use of massage to relieve pain, massage can be used to rotate the root of the palm of the hand in a circular manner, clockwise massage;

With the thumb to press hard on the painful parts of the pain, the pain also has some relief.

Fourth, the pain caused by osteoporosis can be moderate calcium supplementation

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, women have a higher demand for calcium. When the calcium content in the mother’s body can not meet the needs, osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency will occur. One of the most typical clinical manifestations of calcium deficiency is pain.

Mothers will be weak after giving birth, so they must take good care of their bodies. If the condition of postpartum joint pain occurs, you can also use some suitable methods to make your body improve and recover as soon as possible.

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