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Treadmill VS Elliptical: Which One to Choose for A Workout?

Every time when discussing home fitness equipment, treadmills and elliptical machines have to be pulled out and discuss again: which one is better?

Some people say that the treadmill is good, and running is the best way to lose weight; some people say that the elliptical machine is good, the exercise is gentle and does not hurt the knee.

It is hard to choose if you don’t have any information about them. In this post, we will provide more details about both treadmill and ellipitical guide you to choose.

1.Know the Treadmill and Elliptical Machines

Treadmill is a regular fitness equipment for both home and gym, and it is the simplest kind of home fitness equipment today, and it is the best choice for home fitness equipment.

When you don’t know what sports equipment to choose, treadmills are generally preferred. After all, the outdoor exercise we often do is running, and treadmills are a substitute for outdoor running.

The treadmill is driven by a motor to drive the running belt for reciprocating motion, helping the athlete to passively walk and run on the running belt.

In addition to basic running functions, treadmills usually also have functions such as variable speed, slope adjustable, shock absorption, step counting, heart rate testing, exercise program setting, and multifunctional fitness.

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The elliptical machine is also called a space walker. When using the basic mode, the posture is like a free walk, and the trajectory is elliptical.

When exercising on the top, the soles of the feet are close to the pedals, so that you can not only enjoy the fun of walking or running, but also reduce the damage to the joints. It is also a good device for cross training.

It is used as a butt-lifting artifact to exercise the legs and buttocks. There are two ways of exercise, one is to do the leg exercises with the feet only, and the other is to use the hands and feet together, which requires higher balance ability.

The elliptical trainer is a kind of fitness equipment with very high recognition and choice in foreign countries, especially in Europe and America.

In recent years, it has gradually been favored by domestic gymnasiums and home exercisers, and has become a star product in aerobic fitness equipment.

elliptical machine

2. People Who Are Suitable for Treadmills or Elliptical Machines

Let me talk about the treadmill first. If you belong to the following groups, use the treadmill with caution.

◆ Patients with heart disease. For patients with heart disease, because running has a heavy load on the heart, it is very dangerous if an accident occurs.

◆ People with osteoporosis, because of their reduced bone density and loose ligaments, are prone to sprains, falls, and fractures during high-intensity running.

◆ People who have arthritis, meniscus or ligament injuries, or have undergone artificial joint replacement, due to high-frequency running will cause repeated wear and tear of the hip, knee, and ankle joints, resulting in more injuries.

◆ For people with cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylopathy, running for a long time under a state of high concentration can cause tension in the neck and lower back muscles, and the treadmill also has a recoil on the spine, which may aggravate the original condition.

The elliptical machine is suitable for a wide range of people, from children to the elderly, almost can be used, soothing elliptical movement reduces the impact on the joints, exercise more gentle.

3. The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Treadmills

◆ Advantages

The exercise intensity is high, and running needs to use the power of the whole body to achieve efficient fat burning effect.

Applying load to bones by participating in high-impact sports can enhance bone strength. Like muscles, putting pressure on bones will make them stronger.

You can simulate outdoor exercise by manipulating the tilt and training program to achieve higher intensity exercise.

Maintain and improve overall physical fitness. Treadmill exercise can strengthen the body, reduce the risk of blood clots, exercise cardiopulmonary function, and increase lymphocytes through running to enhance immunity.

◆ Disadvantages

High-intensity training, such as inclined sprints, can be dangerous. If your technical level is not enough to withstand some exercises, try to reduce the intensity.

Running puts a certain pressure on the joints and is not friendly to people with knee and hip injuries. Suggest this kind of injured friends carefully consider.

4. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Elliptical Machines

Advantages and disadvantages of elliptical machines

◆ Advantages

The elliptical machine organically combines the legs and arms, and regular exercise can coordinate the limbs and strengthen the body. Long-term exercises help improve physical endurance and exercise cardiopulmonary function.

The elliptical machine is suitable for a wide range of people. For healthy people, the elliptical machine can exercise and relax properly; for those with poor knees and ankles or those who are overweight (over 200 kg), using the elliptical machine for exercise is a safer and more comfortable choice.

There is no need to repeatedly impact your knees like a treadmill, and you can move your whole body.

◆ Disadvantages

There are certain restrictions on the angle and way of lower limb movement.

Relatively speaking, the training intensity is small, it is not easy to strengthen bones, burn fat, and achieve significant training results.

There is a strong burning sensation in the thighs, especially for people who have just touched the elliptical machine, they will feel the quadriceps on the front of the thighs in the first few trainings. You can do some warm-up training before this to relieve muscle burning. The discomfort caused.

5. Treadmill or Elliptical, Which One Works Better on Weight Loss?

For people who repeatedly jump on treadmills and elliptical machines, the main question is, which one has the best weight loss effect?

If the intensity and time are the same, the calorie consumption of the two devices is not much different.

The elliptical machine burns about 300 calories for 40 minutes, which is the calories of a bowl of rice. The treadmill participates in more muscle groups and consumes slightly more than the elliptical machine. However, it cannot be concluded that the fat burning effect of the treadmill is necessary. Better than an elliptical machine.

In fact, this problem is more controlled based on the amount and speed of each person’s basal metabolism. Different people have different fat loss effects at different times and strengths, so they cannot be compared simply by equipment.

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