Essential equipment for spring trekking! Let’s go on a date with spring~

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Spring is a great time for spring trekking. With the arrival of spring, many people like to go out to climb mountains and other outdoor sports. So what equipment should be prepared before trekking? In order to make outdoor sports more comfortable, take a look.

01Basic Equipment

1、Hiking backpack

The best choice for outdoor sports is a lightweight, wearable, high-capacity sports backpack. In the case of the body does not cause additional burden, large-capacity backpacks can also carry more travel goodies, so that your hiking trip experience up! In addition to the pursuit of large-capacity, backpack fixation is also a problem to consider. If there is a special design for water bags, it would be great.


2、Hiking shoes: 1-2 pairs

A pair of comfortable fit hiking shoes for outdoor hiking is very important for the requirements of hiking shoes are mainly wear-resistant, waterproof, lightweight and breathable, preferably medium-high shoes in order to protect the ankles. In these basic conditions, according to personal preference.


3、Quick-dry clothes and pants: 1-2 sets

Clothes and pants should choose more quick-drying and breathable equipment. Also pay attention to physical sunscreen, reduce bare skin. If necessary, you can also prepare a rushing jacket to deal with complex weather conditions.

4、Sports leggings: 1-2 sets
Considering the sweaty condition of climbing in spring, you can consider preparing 2 pairs of sweat-wicking socks. Sweat socks can make your shoes drier, reduce the discomfort caused by excessive sweating, and also effectively prevent blisters on the soles of your feet. Sweat big family can also prepare quick-drying underwear, is also a spring hiking out of the sweet goodies.
5, water cup / water bag: 1 (2L or so)
Climbing must pay attention to replenish water, to avoid heat stroke symptoms caused by water loss.

02Equipment Selection

1. Hiking poles:

Hiking poles can reduce at least 22% of the force exerted on muscle joints such as legs and knees, making legs feel more comfortable.


2. Sunglasses:

Spring is not very hot, but the afternoon ultraviolet rays are relatively strong, prepare a pair of sunglasses can effectively reduce the dazzling feeling.

3, sun hat, ice sleeves, sunscreen spray, bandana and other sun protection equipment:

If you don’t have a good sunscreen, it is easy to sunburn your skin red, and it is also easy to get sunstroke. Therefore, good sun protection is also a matter that can not be ignored when traveling in spring.

4, disposable raincoat:

In case of emergency, wind and rain are not afraid!

03 Additional Expansion

Similar compressed towels, outdoor cushions (picnic mats), camping supplies, multi-functional hardware tools, etc., can be prepared according to personal discretion.


Most of the above traveling equipment belongs to common items, and should be adjusted according to other constraints such as weather conditions and geographical environment during the actual spring trekking activities. In addition to preparing the travel equipment, you should keep a good sleep and consume enough food to replenish energy during the trip, so that you can have a good condition to play the hiking and harvest happiness.



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