Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

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When searching for a place to get a nice workout, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important factors is cleanliness/hygiene. There is no doubt that Planet Fitness is one of the most well-known and well-respected gyms in the world. Last time, we had talked about the planet fitness lunk alarm.

Now we turn to its showers. So does Planet Fitness have showers? The short answer: yes. However, there is a lot more that one needs to know about these showers before deciding if they are worth your time. For example, what are the rules? Do they provide towels? Are the showers nice?  Today, all of those questions will be answered.

What Are the Shower Rules in Planet Fitness?

Although the official Planet Fitness website doesn’t provide information on the exact rules when showering, there will usually be signs at or before the showers letting people know the proper shower etiquette. You’ll find that most of the rules come down to being respectful and having common sense. For example, it is important to respect people’s privacy in any public facility, especially showers.

This includes each person being able to feel safe and shower privately, as well as each person’s belongings being respected while they shower. Going through other people’s personal belongings while they shower will not be tolerated. If you get out of your shower and find that you are missing some of your items, Planet Fitness employees will be as helpful as they possibly can, although they are not liable for any lost/stolen items.

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To prevent this from happening, there are lockers to keep your belongings safe. It’s still important, however, that there are rules stating you can’t go through other people’s belongings regardless of lockers.

Along with privacy, another rule you may find at your local Planet Fitness showers is efficiency. In other words: get in and get out. This applies to both the showers and the locker room area as a whole. People could potentially feel unsafe if someone lingers around the showers too long, and it’s also disrespectful of other people’s time, as they might be waiting to use the shower you are currently using. This is why the rules typically state to get in the shower, do your business, and get out.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Towels?

After a shower, the next obvious step is to use a towel to dry off. Because of this, it’s important to note that Planet Fitness does not provide free towels for the public to use. Like the shower rules, the towels at Planet Fitness are also not mentioned anywhere on the official website, except for an article on the website written by Autumn Jones that recommends you pack your own towel. She states that towels are a “workout essential” and are good for wiping sweat off your face and/or cleaning the machines after use, but she doesn’t specifically mention shower towels.


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Other websites and a walk into Planet Fitness itself will tell you that no, they do not provide free towels for showering, however, at most locations you can purchase towels from the counter. The towels for purchase will usually be small, though, since they are made for what Autumn Jones discussed (sweat and cleanliness) instead of showering. You’re best off, if you plan on showering after your workout at Planet Fitness, to bring your own towel.


How are the Planet Fitness Showers?

Overall, the Planet Fitness showers are a great option for people in a hurry after their workout, people who want to save water at their own home, or people who just enjoy the convenience of it all. Although they may not provide a lot of extras, such as towels, Planet Fitness still goes above and beyond to ensure its members have a good experience. They do this by enforcing shower rules and ensuring the showers are a clean and welcoming place.

The showers at Planet Fitness tend to be on the large side compared to other gyms and most home showers. They have curtains for privacy, and you can always keep your items in a locker if you are worried about them while you are showering. Most importantly, according to staff members, despite many locations being open 24/7, all of the showers are still cleaned every night! When it comes to a workout facility shower, what else do you need?


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