HARISON 408: Multifunction Power Tower Dip Station with Bench

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The Harison 408-Power Tower is the ideal fitness power-tower dip-station providing exercise solutions combining all the crucial exercises into one, space-saving equipment. It offers a wide variety of positions and stations that target the improvement of the body’s core strength.

It also focuses on the major upper body areas to gain toner arms, defined shoulder, sculpted back and a leaner chest. Its size helps it fit in any room in the house and is also practical enough to transport into a different location. It doesn’t matter if you are a bodybuilding expert to a fitness newbie, the Power-Tower can help you achieve your body goals making it the perfect gym machines for home.

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dip station with weight bench


Height: 92.91”

Width: 38”

Length: 53.54”

Product Weight: 46kg

Capacity: Up to 500LBS high capacity

Responsible for any damage,

1 year for the whole power tower, Lifetime parts.


Thick, Heavy-Duty Box Style Cushions

Enjoy comfortable exercise with padded grips and handles offering protection to your hands. The padding has been manufactured using strong materials to make the cushions last longer for more use.

Multifunction Pull-Up Bar

This station is able to cater to a wide variety of strength training such as, but not limited to:

– Dumbbell exercises

– Leg Raises

– Dips

– Pull-Ups

– Chin-Ups (including Hammer and Progressive)

– Vertical Knee Raise

– Push-Ups (including incline)

– Dip Stands

You can train most of your upper body with the Power Tower.

Power-Tower with Bench & Removable Backrest

Enable flexible exercise with removable weight-bench and backrest. You are able to adjust the tower as desired to provide crucial flexibility as you do your strength-training.

Four Adjustable Height

The tower comes with 4 adjustable heights to suit your training needs. You can set heights from 70.47 inches, 76.38 inches, 82.28 inches up to 88.19 inches. This enables you to exercise around the heights that work well with your fitness regime.

Ergonomic Design

The Power Tower’s ergonomic design makes the equipment adapt to you. With heavy-duty powder-coated steel framing, it is a sturdy equipment designed to withstand heavy user weights and difficult training methods. The overall design, including the back cushions and elbow pads, makes the tower seamless to use.

Protective Feet

The protective feet create a layer of protection for your floor keeping it in pristine condition. Avoid the worry of damaging your floor by using the Power Tower.


Harison Offer Great Warranty Packages:

1 Year warranty for the entire equipment

5 Year warranty for the frame

Lifetime warranty for the parts

What Exercise Can You Do with HARISON 408 Power Tower?

HARISON power tower with bench is a quality and well built fitness equipment at a great price. Impressive. It includes a flexible weight or ab bench that can be removed when not in use. Let’s check out how to use this machine and see what muscles does this power tower work?

Built in Push Up Station -Take advantage of the inbuilt push-up station that has molded handgrips that offers added security and comfort. Add some definition to your biceps and forearms with this exercise.

Dip Station – The dip station lets you build up your chest, shoulders, and triceps. All handles have comfortable grips for easy handling.

Pull-Up Station – Develop your core by training your upper body core. With comfortable grips, there are different methods of pull-ups you can do with the Power Tower.

Removable Multi-purpose Bench – The removable bench allows the user to take advantage of horizontal exercises such as sit-ups or weight training. You can remove this bench to make way for other exercise making the Power Tower a varied tool for your exercise.

What We Love About The Harison 408 Multifunction Dip Station

Multifunction Capabilities

The Power Tower offers various forms of exercises into one manageable gym equipment. You can forget cluttering your room with weights and pieces of equipment and merge it into one advanced tower to replace it all. Never pay for a gym membership ever again.

Safe and Sturdy to Use

Harison power tower is indeed a solidly built equipment. Heavy duty steel tube frame and the gym-level well designed construction make the machine stable and sturdy when using. Foam rollers for real comfort.

Save Your Room

This compact machine won’t take up too much room. Adjustable height from 70.47 – 88.19 inches. The base width: 38” and length: 53.54”. You can place it in your room and start your exercise journey without disturbing anyone.

Reasonable Price

The Power Tower is well priced for the type of equipment. Harison offers a competitive price against its leading market competitors. You are not able to find similar products with the same functionality as the Power Tower at this reasonable price.

Exercise in Comfort

The customized padding design makes your experience more comfortable. The Power Tower comes with back cushions, elbow pads, and padded handles with gym-level construction foam rollers.

Easy To Transport

You can move the Power Tower wherever you go. With its easy stowaway system, you can box up and move to your next gym station.

Avoid Damaged Floors

The metal framing has protective materials to avoid any damage to the floor. The material on the base of the tower protects any floor surface and also makes it non-slip to avoid any accidents from happening.

Excellent Warranty

Exercise with a peace of mind. Harison offers a great warranty package that protects your investment from premature wear and tear. The Power Tower is comprehensively covered up to 1 year and it has a lifetime cover for certain areas.

A Name You Can Trust

HARISON is an American brand that prides itself in providing professional and heavy-duty fitness products. The Power Tower is quickly becoming a popular item in its category. If you are searching for a product that provides maximum result comfortably and with high-quality material, then this is the product for you. The Power Tower comes with a training manual to give you ideas on how to effectively use the equipment. It has user-friendly functions to help you make a start on realizing your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the Power Tower

Q: Will there be any guidance on how to effectively use the equipment?
A: Yes. The product will come with tips on how to maximize the use of the equipment. It will have a user manual to instruct users on how to use the Power Tower safely and effectively.

Q: Can I use the Power Tower outdoors?

A: Harison does not recommend the use of the Power Tower outdoors due to the material it consists of. The padding will wear much quicker when it gets wet often and the frame is made with metal that corrodes with constant exposure to water.

Q: What weight does the Power Tower support?

A: The Power Tower is made with heavy-duty materials that can support heavy users. It can support up to 500 lbs.

Q: I am 5 foot 5. Can the Power Tower accommodate me?
A: The Power Tower is fully adjustable to suit your size and needs.

Q: Can the bench flip up vertically to save space?

A: Yes. This is how you do your pull-ups by removing it or flipping it vertically.

For More Details:

How to Assemble HARISON 408 Power Tower?

How to Use HARISON 408 for Workout?

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    • Olivia
      Olivia says:

      Dear Joseph, 408 is now unavailable because of the Christmas Vacation. It will be recovered very soon. About a few days later.

  1. Edward J Brown
    Edward J Brown says:

    This is the first time I contacted you.
    I received this multi function power station and my family members all love it so much. Thanks for it.


  2. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    Your Amazon storefront has two different prices listed for the Harison 408 Multi-function power tower. $389 and $379. The less expensive one notes it is a “new release version for 2020”. Is there any difference between the two beyond one being fullfilled by Amazon?

  3. Eddie
    Eddie says:

    Hi there,

    Funnily enough, I was looking to buy this on Amazon and it read “Only 1 left in stock – order soon.” So I just did my research about this product and then finally Buy Now but boom! It’s out of stock…. Lol seriously, I want this product! Please let me know when it’s back in stock! Thank you very much!

    • Olivia
      Olivia says:

      lol… Hi Eddie, thanks for your support to this 408 item. Yes, it is a popular one. You have a good taste.
      I’d like to tell you that this item will be available in May 1 or 2. You can pay attention to it. Since there are
      many people ask us about this item. Nice day!

  4. Casey
    Casey says:

    Hi – where can I buy this item? I checked on Amazon but its currently out of stock. 🙁
    I’d like to receive an email as soon as its available. Thanks!

      • Carlos
        Carlos says:

        Hi Olivia. Is that website part of same Harison? I did purchase through that site (3 weeks ago) and I’m still waiting for the machine

        • Olivia
          Olivia says:

          Hi Carlos, we are sorry for let you waiting so long since the covid-19, the delivery issue is being affected.
          Acutally, your order has been delivery and arrange. My workmate should update you with the tracking number.
          I will check later if they don’t do this action, and send you the infomation.

          • Carlos
            Carlos says:

            Hi Olivia, It’s been a month and still waiting for this product. I haven’t received feedback from anybody in this company. Please advise

  5. Mike DiTore
    Mike DiTore says:

    Is it possible to purchase the adjustable pegs for the pull-up bar? I had to move my unit and lower the bar all the way and can’t find them now.

  6. Mike
    Mike says:

    I purchased this but all the bolts are parts for bench are missing could someone contact me about getting replacements equipment is great otherwise

  7. Olga
    Olga says:

    Hello, I purchased Harison fitness dip station HR-408 as open box. All major parts are new, however all the connecting parts bolts and screws are missing, Can I replace only bolts and screws for this equipment?

    • HarisonFitness
      HarisonFitness says:

      Dear Olga, no worry, if you bought this item from our website or our Amazon store, you can have these replace parts for free.
      If you bought from other suppliers, such as the second-hand product, you can also list the parts you want and Email info@harisonfitness.com
      We will quote for the parts. You can buy the new parts from us if you think the price is OK.
      Our workmate has send you the Email to solve your issue. Any more question just let us know.

  8. Douglas Pike
    Douglas Pike says:

    I got a Harison 408 but didnt get any hardware is it possible to get this or should I just ship it back?


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