Why You Need Strength Training Machines?

You may think that strength training is just for athletes to become stronger and faster. But actually it is suitable for people who are not athletes to gain a healthier body. The strength training burns calories more efficiently than a cardio workout, which will shorten your time but Read more

How Did Jackson Galaxy Lose Weight?

Jackson Galaxy, popularly known as “Cat Daddy”, is a cat behaviorist and host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell. Born Richard Kirshner in New York City, the 53-year-old legally changed his name in his early twenties. Galaxy has a degree in theater, and initially Read more

How to Do Clean and Press Correctly and Its Benefits

Clean and press is an exercise involving complex body movement and can be performed in different variations and with various pieces of equipment such as the kettlebell, barbell, long bar and dumbbell. This technique and movement require a lot of practice, hard work, Read more

Weight Loss Calculators can help with Weight Control

One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is to lose weight whilst getting fit and healthy with it. The only problem is, is that most get disheartened part way in and give up quite frustrated with the whole process. A weight loss calculator can help to make the process a lot more appealing, fun and challenging. They can also be a great tool to Read more